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Welcome Snow and “The End” For Now – S2E16

What a Friday makes when wet snow gets dumped on. I wasn’t ready for the snow yet.
Before my presentation, I had to make some errands. I had to go to Chinatown to buy food. Took a long time getting there due to the freezing rain/snow/sleet. When I got back to Carleton, I walked by the 4th Floor Unicentre to Tory and remembered about the “Hugs For Aids” since December 1 is World Aids Day. I saw a friend and gave him a hug. A handshake would of been nice, but I was carrying a lot of things. Too bad I didn’t get a red ribbon.
I enjoyed my energetic presentation in Peter Hodgins’ CDNS4400 class – Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Identity in Canada. It was in the “kindness” of my heart to provide food for the people in class. It was linked to my landscape project, which is Chinatown in Ottawa.
It was a nice way to end off the Canadian Studies classes. It was an unusual way to get hurt again in the classroom. I bumped over the chair and I slipped and fell, along with the chair. It was not pleasant. It’s been a hazard for me.
After class, I went down to Rideau Centre and went to Roots and got a toque. It’s a yearly tradition for me to get toques, I try to get zany kinds of toques. I dunno if it will be my final time to get a Roots toque because I always go for time, but they no longer make any apparel for the Canadian Olympic team.
Then, I also dropped by to the BS and chatted with someone.

This is the last “episodic” entry of 2006 since it will be exam time and Christmas season. I will blog a bit after exams as a “special”, but it won’t be part of the season number and “episodic” entries.
Part 2 of season two will return in January. The only problem being that I got a reduced schedule since I will be taking 3 classes. One more with Peter Hodgins.

The End…for now

Series 2 / WildWorks Blog

Some Loose Ends to Say Before The Fall Terms Finishes – S2E15

This is not the end yet, I just wanted to say that it has been a fun term taking three of Peter Hogdins’ classes. Although, I am not sure how I will do after the exams. It has been a blast.
Some loose ends. I’ve been bombarded with questions by people within Canadian Studies asking me if I “live” in the Canadian Studies Lounge and “why are you always there?” The answer is no. Here’s my reason, I did not expect the 12th floor of Dunton Tower to have wireless Internet access around the 2nd or 3rd week of September. I usually hang out at the tunnels or the library, if there is space. It’s ridiculous finding a place to sit. Also, the readings for Peter’s 4th year classes are in the lounge so I can read them through. Another thing is that I can never live without the Internet.
The funny thing is that I made it 5 days to going to the lounge. As usual, I only have class 4 days a week because I don’t have class on Wednesdays. All I can say it was good timing that I saw someone and showed him my comics.

To people from CDNS2210, CDNS4200 and CDNS4400, I gotta say that you all are great and I will probably miss you since I won’t be seeing anyone in the Winter term.
Even though, I ended up getting hurt on occasion for Thursday’s class.

Since it is this time of year when music artists come out with their greatest hits album.
Here it is, U218 Singles. I got it on iTunes and I can’t stop listening to it on my iPod. The Deluxe version on iTunes includes live tracks from the 2005 Milan concert.

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Back to Back Entry – S2E14

Don’t ask why, but “someone” told me to make another entry for my blog. I know entering my blog has been sporadic at times due to my unusual scheduling at Carleton. I made an entry on Thursday, so this is a rarity of sorts. So yeah, this person wanted to give a “shout out” and we were messaging while I was in class, the Friday morning class. Also, mentioned about Target’s Choxie.
Whoever I tagged (A Facebook.com “exclusive”), you will find out who tagged or not πŸ˜€

Onto the other class (the Friday afternoon class). Peter Hodgins’ Cultural Landscape and Cultural in Canada. It was an interesting and fun today because before class, Peter opened up some food from another floor in Dunton Tower. Somehow, there was a conference and the people over-ordered food. It was nice to have wraps and fruits. It’s been the second time(not in a row) that there happens to be “free” food in the Canadian Studies department. It seems that Peter is synonymous with his laughter and “love” with food.
Now, with class. I dunno why, but I was the “savior” because my Apple laptop(Macbook pro) worked on the projector. Sorry to PC fans, I know you are not a fan of Apple Computers.
Also, I can’t stop laughing with the songs I played from my iPod and iTunes. A grad student was singing along and it was funny.
Here’s the playlist;
The Saints Are Coming (Live from New Orleans) – U2 & Green Day. “Someone” did not know what song I was playing. I hope this helps, LOL
A bit of “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado. A small way to hype up her performance at the Grey Cup.
Jump – Madonna
Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys
Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis
My Girl – The Temptations

I also hope no one was curious about the album art screen saver. I don’t mind it, but I am embarrassed if anyone was wondering about the Chinese ones. πŸ™‚

A step back from Thursday night, I am wondering if the Canadian TV group recovered from drinking too much beer. πŸ™‚

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Rain Rain, Thursday – S2E13

I am not liking this weather lately. What’s with the rain? This ain’t Vancouver. I had been wearing a different shoe and it made me look tacky. Blue shoes and for the long time, I decided to wear a shoe that is not adidas.
Well, enjoyed a nice presentation on Canadian Television in CDNS4200 aka Canadian Popular Culture. I hope I am not sucking up. I couldn’t stop laughing with the Kids in the Hall clips. Though, I really wanted to see the “Street Legal” opening. πŸ™‚ “Post” presentation, I decided to go to Mike’s Place and chill out with the presentation and with Peter. Plus some “guest cameos”. Originally, I was suppose to take the bus to downtown and take the express bus, but I decided to go to Mike’s Place instead. Supposedly, I was planning to stick around for a bit, but decided to stay longer because it was interesting to hear about what people are talking about.
It was entertaining and fun having to show a Youtube video of Diet Coke & Mentos. Geez, I don’t even bother watching “gross out” videos. I watch “vintage” music videos from Hong Kong.
It was funny to hear some good stories from the prof, Peter Hodgins (I have to put his full name on this entry for Google purposes) and from the gang in the class.
Though, I still haven’t got over the other Hodgins class from last Friday. It was just bizarre.

Comic picks. Finally, Civil War #5 came out and I was partially surprised to see a Marvel character make a “truimph” return to the Marvel Universe. Lately, that “person” hasn’t been in the mainstream Marvel Universe.
Another favorite comic is Astonishing X-Men #18. The conclusion to “Torn.” Gotta hand it to Joss (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer) Whedon and John (Planetary) Cassaday for an “astonishing” story.
Other picks are 100 Bullets #78 and New Avengers #25.

Last point, I am still enjoying my Macbook Pro. πŸ˜€
I also never expected someone to be using Bluetooth during CDNS4200 class and “try to steal” songs on my laptop. Well, you can’t use my songs because it’s protected. It’s from the iTunes Store. Too bad, so sad. πŸ˜€

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What a Weird Friday – S2E12

I don’t know how to explain it, but in Peter Hodgins’ CDNS4400 class, it became strange because the one presentation was a one man show and somehow the partner for the presentation showed up late and then left like 15 mins later.
It was a bizarre time in class because of it. I looked at Peter and he was clueless and I acting puzzled myself. I looked at others if there were looking surprised as well. It was just downright bizarre on Friday.
As usual for myself, Friday is always my brutal day because of waking up early and going for early morning class and then the afternoon. I know it’s depressing to have a Friday afternoon class.
After the short class, a few of us, including the prof. went to Mike’s Place and it was enjoyable and nice to hear “interesting” stories.

Last thing, this entry will be Googled if you type “Peter Hodgins” πŸ™‚

Comic picks from this past Wednesday.
Batman #658. All I will say that I was pretty disappointed with it. The final part of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s first run on the Cape Crusader ended on a flat note.
Two other comics I picked weren’t from this week, they were from October. The Authority #1 (Another Grant Morrison comic) and Civil War: Choosing Sides.

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Macbook Pro and Presentation – S2E11

Well, I am happy and partially relieved that I got my Macbook Pro and did the CDNS4200 presentation.
It couldn’t come at a right time with the new laptop. It arrived on Wednesday and I was just happy to getting it. I still need to get used to the two finger scrolling and etc.

I don’t know what to say, I am pretty sore from the tumble I had before class started. I thought I wasn’t in any pain but after leaving Dunton Tower, I was feeling sore on my left leg.
All in all, I guess the presentation went well. Humourous or not, it was enjoyful using the remote control to use the presentation slides.

Now, it’s time to try writing essays soon. It is crunch time.

Comic picks for this week. Criminal #2, Justice League of America #3 and American Virgin #8. Action Comics #844, which I picked up, but was released last week.

Here’s a photo that I took on the bus using Photo Booth.

Series 2 / WildWorks Blog

What a Week and I Can’t Wait For Something. Plus TV Shows Chat – S2E10

This hasn’t been a great week for me because the house has no heat, furnace is broken and we need a new one. I haven’t had a good sleep for the past few days.
No classes with Peter Hodgins until next Thursday. Except Tuesday where it will be a TA teaching.
Lucky or not, I still had to go to Carleton on Thursday to talk to meet up with my Canadian Humour group. I really wanted to stay home, but had to for the sake of the group.
Oh doh, if I write Peter Hodgins on my entries, my blog will be linked on Google if you type “Peter Hodgins”.

I don’t know what I have been concentrating on. The midterm for Canadian Provincial Politics for Monday, the group presentation for CDNS4200 – Canadian Popular Culture or trying to plan out the essays as soon as possible.
I am a bit nervous on the presentation next week. Whoever I tagged on Facebook, you know who I am talking. πŸ˜€
Though, I got a “secret weapon” to showing it. Though, it’s not Powerpoint. I don’t know if you guys will like the effects.

What I am waiting for is the Macbook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Though, I am not sure when it will be delivered. Oh, the one I picked is 2.16GHz, 1GB RAM, 120GB hard drive, 15 inch screen, and iWork ’06 preinstalled. No glossy screen. I hope to get Aperture in the future and fiddle around with digital photos.
Too bad I won’t be able to use it for the presentation next week. The iBook G4 will do for now.
It will be nice to use it on November 24 when I have a presentation for CDNS4400.

As for comics this week(to whoever got tagged on Facebook, you know who I am talking to :D), my picks are Seven Soldiers #1, Jack of Fables #4, New Avengers #24 and Planetary #26.
A new graphic novel released this week that I picked up is American Virgin Vol. 1: Head. I already have the first four issues in comic form, but the “extras” got me hooked, so I had to pick it up.

TV Chat: I had a chance to watch Torchwood via BT and I putted it on my iPod. All in all, the Doctor Who spin-off is excellent. It is edgy and more for grown-ups. I like the linking to the events that happened in Doctor Who. I don’t know what time CBC will air Torchwood at. It is nice to see CBC getting credit on BBC television.
Another show that I also found on BT is Season 4 of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. I haven’t had a chance to find Vol. 2 on DVD and I haven’t watched any of Season 3 because I don’t know if Teletoon aired further eps of it. I am a bit lost on the series because I haven’t watched further than Season 1.

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Welcome SPEAKEASY and Class Today – S2E09

Well, I guess it’s “plug” time. I just want to give a “shoutout” to my cousin’s blog. It’s on Links section called “SPEAKEASY”
I hope you will like it. I don’t know what kind of input I will bring to the other blog.

CDNS4200 – Canadian Popular Culture summary hijinks. The funny thing happened in class when one person could not talk due to some project/assignment/whatever. It was funny Peter Hodgins made fun of that person (you know who you are if you are reading this). What’s more embarrassing for me is that I don’t watch The Family Guy, The Jon Stewart Show and The Colbert Report. It’s not that I don’t care about the shows, I just don’t have the interest. Oh yeah, same goes for Prison Break. Actually, I got class on Monday night, so it’s not a big deal.
Glocalization. Oh man, that word just haunted me because I have Peter from another class and he explained about it.

Oh yes, comic pick ups from Wednesday.
I picked up Wildcats #1, Runaways #21, 100 Bullets #77 and my PICK of the WEEK is Fables: 1,001 Nights of Snowfall HC.
Two other comics I picked were Criminal #1 and Fables #1 Special Edition(for 25 cents US, 35 cents here). Those two comics were out on previous weeks. I did not go to the comic store for 2 weeks.

Series 2 / WildWorks Blog

My Life Is Funny – S2E8.5

It is still Tuesday, so it’s somewhat entry #8 or 8.5. Plus, I really need to write about myself being funny because it has been in my head for so long and I hadn’t got a chance to blog it out.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that my life has been funny because in certain classes, there’s been so much linking up from other classes. Oh wait! It’s Peter Hodgins’ classes in Canadian Studies.
Funny thing today was I bumped into someone and he said the word, “Renfew”, then in class today, I hear the word Renfrew again from the prof, but he was making jokes about it. I don’t know how things are coincidental. Life is just silly now.
What was intimidating on Monday was going to St. Pats building at Carleton. I don’t know why, something about it scared me. It felt I didn’t feel welcomed being in the building. But I walked by and saw this prof, Christopher Waddell in the building. He was in his office. I somehow watch him on CBC Newsworld talking about politics or what not. He uses a Mac, LOL
It’s been tiring for the past 2 days so far. I need more sleep.
Why do I keep thinking about gang from CDNS4200 and CDNS4400? Because you guys rock πŸ˜€

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Live@Carleton, Finally A Relaxing Week – S2E08

Man, I almost went through a brutal 2 weeks lately. Right now, I am somehow relieved with all the mayhem. I still need to do some readings and also plan on some essays. At least, it won’t be a stressful time. I still haven’t had a chance to update this blog. It is just that I am always at the 12th floor of Dunton Tower at Carleton University, which I am at. At least I get wireless internet.
Tomorrow, I can’t wait for Fables: 1,001 Nights of Snowfall hardcover. It has been 2 weeks that I haven’t gone to the comic store.