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All Good Things (Come to an End) [Season Finale] – S2E25

Yes, it’s the song from Nelly Furtado. I know some people will think that Nelly Furtado is a sellout and etc. I don’t care if she is a sellout! I like this song but more to the message, this entry is considered as a “season finale” because it’s the final day of classes. Actually, Tuesday is the last day. I am writing this entry as a sort of conclusion for my time being at Carleton University.
In retrospect, I enjoyed my final year at Carleton University. I wasn’t sure what kind of reception when taking the Canadian Studies classes. It really surprised me when the people in the classes were nice and outgoing. I really enjoyed the two 4th year classes that were taught by Peter Hodgins. I am also enjoying the other class with Peter Hodgins as well. If anyone reads this entry, all I can say to you for one last time, “you all ROCK!”
One unique thing about the people in Canadians Studies (grad students included) is that half seem to be from Toronto and some from Northern Ontario. Some people live in the East end (aka Gloucester and Orleans) and none from the West end. It kind of felt depressing that there was no one “representing” the West end of Ottawa.
The thing I will miss is being at the seminar room in the Canadian Studies department @ Dunton Tower because it was safety hazard. People will know how clumsy I am, but it was pretty hilarious having to do insane things in the room. Another joke is that I “live” in Canadian Studies lounge. Since the Fall, I kept being at the lounge due to the fact that I got wireless Internet. It was just luck having to get it.
What I miss was the Fall term classes. I found it more interesting than the Winter term. I find that Winter makes everyone lazy and not having the energy. I miss the excitement from the Fall term.
I kind of miss having class on Fridays. Call me crazy, I enjoyed the Friday afternoon class back in the Fall term.
An ironic thing during my time at Carleton was being at unusual classrooms. Whether it is the 9th floor of Loeb to 4499 Mackenzie Building to Leeds residences, it has been a funny experience being in different places where I never expected.

Why I chose “All Good Things (Come to an End) by Nelly Furtado? As the title says it, I think I had a fun time taking some of the classes this year and meet interesting people, but all things come to an end and it’s time to move on.
Certain parts like “Flames to dust, lovers to friends, why do all things come to an end” bring an important message of moving on in life. Another part in the song which is edited off from radio is “and the sun was wondering if it should stay away for a day til the feeling went away, and the sky was falling on the clouds were dropping, and the rain forgot how to bring salvation.” This part is near the end and I find it beautiful.
I also feel that people I know will be leaving to other pastures and will have to move on without them. I am realizing that friends are getting married, moving else or having a career change, it is like the past has become a distant memory.

As I end this entry for the second season, I like to thank this person for keeping in touch for so long. It was fun having to message you during your program and making me laugh when you mentioned things on-air.


Update – April 19, 2007. In the light of the shooting at Virgina Tech, here is an image for the 32 people who lost their lives. I am just privileged to live in a safe place, but there should be justice to stop individuals who post a threat to society.

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Remembering Leslie Cheung (2007 Edition) – S2E24

Here is a bit of reprint from my original post last year with a bit of updating. I know April 1st is on Sunday, it’s in case I forget to write it on the day.

It’s been 4 years since Leslie Cheung left fans throughout Hong Kong and all over the world on April 1st. Everytime I listen to his song, I would feel sad because he is no longer around. I still remember that morning where I was woken up by my brother and I thought it was a joke, but I later realized it was true. I grew up watching Leslie Cheung in movies and on award shows and I never knew Hong Kong actors had impacts on my life. When I started listening to Cantopop in late 1999, it was his songs that brought me back to Hong Kong culture.

For the first time in awhile, I won’t be listening to CRHK because their online streaming has been down since December 2006. I will be listening to RTHK to listen if they will play Leslie Cheung songs.
Here are two images that I want to put up.

Sites to look up are http://www.lesliecheung.cc/
Leslie Cheung Profile on IMDB.com.

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Tuesday Update – S2E23

So far, I got one essay done and it was for Canadian Public Policy. Again, I writing this entry in the Canadian Studies Lounge over at Dunton Tower.
It’s the second last Tuesday of having to wake up early and going for 8.30am class.
I am happy I got the Airport Extreme with 802.11n draft. I could say that my MacBook Pro has gotten a bit faster. I am still unsure about the speed for 802.11n.
Adobe Creative Suite 3 is released, but the pricing is outrageously insane. It would be cool to get it.
What I thought about the Quebec election from last night? I think it was surprising and funny that Jean Charest almost lost his seat during the election. The province of Quebec would of been in chaos. The funny thing as well was that I watched the results on the Internet via CBC.ca.

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Countdown to the End: 4 Left and Live @ Carleton – S2E22

It is Monday, March 26, 2007.
As I am at the Canadian Studies Lounge over at Dunton Tower trying to write up my essay. This is probably the second last Monday to be at the lounge. I reflect back to having a Monday class. Last term, I only had a night class for Monday at 6pm. It seemed odd and not great because I miss out on Monday primetime television.
Now, I have an afternoon class this term with Peter Hodgins and it has been fun and enjoyable. It was fun to know people from last term and from the lounge.

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O’ Captain, My Captain – S2E21

It’s been in the media since Wednesday and I am pretty surprised about the attention it is getting. What do I think about Captain America being killed? Pretty good, but why couldn’t it be done in the #7 of Civil War? There has been some negative response to how Civil War ended. In my opinion, I am not very disappointed, nor excited with the outcome of it. My overall position to Civil War has been neutral. I didn’t care who side to choose, I just wanted to read a good story. I was disappointed with the lateness, but I accept the reason that the artist had health problems. Lateness is common in comics nowadays.
The thing is, people shouldn’t be too worked up with Captain America being dead. I mean, no one shouldn’t get too upset because it is just a comic and it’s just a fantasy. It’s not the thrust of life.
Even though, I am Canadian, something about Captain America being cool and amazing sticks as a favorite hero. I just like his shield because of the materials.
It’s great to serve a good memory to where was I when it happened? Well, I was at the comic store and I informed the employees about it. That could be a “memorable” day.
Kudos to a friend who got it. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Sort of Understanding Islam and the Frigid Weather – S2E20

I was planning to write up something for the blog, but it kept being held back due to a sense of writer’s block. But yea, I have wanted to write about the way that Islam has been portrayed in the media lately. Don’t get me wrong, I am not becoming a Muslim or what not. It’s just that I understand the faith and culture of it. It has been close to a decade because of friends and people in high school who were practicing Islam. What surprised me was my mom was Muslim when she was young in Hong Kong. I went back in Summer of 2000 and went to the cemetery to find out there were Arabic writing on the tombstone. OK, enough of my inner ramblings, this leads me to “Little Mosque on the Prairie” on CBC. I really enjoyed the show because it is funny and I seem to understand the Muslim culture in some form. I did take the intro to Religion class several years ago and went to a Mosque for the fieldwork assignment.
I just wish I can joke to fans of “24” by mistakenly call Morris, Yasir because the actor (Carlo Rota) is on both shows and I prefer him in comedy over the suspenseful action.

The weather, oh gosh, I barely survived having to go out in the frigid cold. -40 degrees is amazingly brutal. The worse thing for me was taking the express bus (and no! I am not going to tell you bus number because it’s self-explanatory :P) to get to Carleton. What I didn’t know was that the O-Train was not running. I took a long bus ride from west to east. Not very pleasant as well, but at least I didn’t arrive late to Carleton.
Another bad thing was my scarf gave the smell of Vanilla Breeze from the Glade air freshener. Not pleasant when I was covering my face from the winds. I haven’t used my “trusty” scarf for a year.
I am happy that I haven’t got sick and I broke free of the Chinese New Year curse. I had been cursed for 2 years when I got sick during or prior to Chinese New Year. I felt safer this year!

A cheapless plug to put “Peter Hodgins” again on my blog entry and then searched on Google. I enjoy the Globally Wired Canada: Cultural Issues class and I really enjoy the people in the class. No matter how Facebook is mentioned and being “haunted” by political philosophers like Hobbes, Aristotle, and etc. I’d go bonkers having to hear those things.

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Post Reading Week – S2E19

I was suppose to write this on Monday, but due to a major headache, I am writing this on Tuesday. What I did for Reading Week was….. nothing! I did not do much but I was recovering from my week of craziness. I had to endure 2 papers, a midterm and several lion dance performances. Doing nothing for reading week was a way to “recover” from the hectic week.
Oh yea, even though it was my final Reading Week, it was also the last time my birthday was held during Reading Week.
The question I would get is how old I am? Well, I don’t feel like 27 and I don’t seem to feel old. The funny thing on Monday was someone guessing my age would be 23. I do look young.
Since “The Departed” won for Best Picture at The Oscars, I did get The Departed on DVD and I did not like it. Why? Because it’s a remake from Infernal Affairs, the Hong Kong movie. It was laughable in my opinion because they rehashed the scenes from the Hong Kong version. I also thought that Martin Scorsese just sat in the director’s sat and did not do much. It felt like he put his stamp on the movie. During Reading Week, I had to rewatch Infernal Affairs(I and III) in order to erase my experience from watching The Departed. I didn’t watch IA II because it is a prequel of sorts.
That’s all I have to write.

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19 Days After the New Year – S2E17

Finally, I am writing a new entry. I was suppose to write something on New Year’s Day, but I was bogged down and I couldn’t think what to write about.
It’s 2007 and so far, it has been odd. Since December, there was no snow and it was a soggy green Christmas. Also, I couldn’t get a Nintendo Wii. Briefly fast forward to January, which is now and things have been smooth. I was surprised I did well in Peter Hodgins’ Canadian Studies classes. Another slight change in January, I was suppose to have Peter 4 times overall, but I changed around my schedule around and I have Peter two times in the Winter term. Therefore, for the Fall and Winter/Spring term, I have him 5 times.
What does 2007 bring? I am not sure, but I will be happy to finish my courses at Carleton soon.
Looking back on the final 4 months of 2006, I was pleased to meet new people in the Canadian Studies class. It brought on new challenges and plus that I had problems with people in Political Science. My experiences several years ago weren’t as good because I seem to have find people not approachable and mostly snobbish.

To a *wink wink, nudge nudge* to someone who might read this and *hint hint* – I think you are tagged on your Facebook. I hope you like my entry 😀

Oh yea! Last thing, I finally got a Nintendo Wii.