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What a Weird Friday – S2E12

I don’t know how to explain it, but in Peter Hodgins’ CDNS4400 class, it became strange because the one presentation was a one man show and somehow the partner for the presentation showed up late and then left like 15 mins later.
It was a bizarre time in class because of it. I looked at Peter and he was clueless and I acting puzzled myself. I looked at others if there were looking surprised as well. It was just downright bizarre on Friday.
As usual for myself, Friday is always my brutal day because of waking up early and going for early morning class and then the afternoon. I know it’s depressing to have a Friday afternoon class.
After the short class, a few of us, including the prof. went to Mike’s Place and it was enjoyable and nice to hear “interesting” stories.

Last thing, this entry will be Googled if you type “Peter Hodgins” 🙂

Comic picks from this past Wednesday.
Batman #658. All I will say that I was pretty disappointed with it. The final part of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s first run on the Cape Crusader ended on a flat note.
Two other comics I picked weren’t from this week, they were from October. The Authority #1 (Another Grant Morrison comic) and Civil War: Choosing Sides.