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Welcome Snow and “The End” For Now – S2E16

What a Friday makes when wet snow gets dumped on. I wasn’t ready for the snow yet.
Before my presentation, I had to make some errands. I had to go to Chinatown to buy food. Took a long time getting there due to the freezing rain/snow/sleet. When I got back to Carleton, I walked by the 4th Floor Unicentre to Tory and remembered about the “Hugs For Aids” since December 1 is World Aids Day. I saw a friend and gave him a hug. A handshake would of been nice, but I was carrying a lot of things. Too bad I didn’t get a red ribbon.
I enjoyed my energetic presentation in Peter Hodgins’ CDNS4400 class – Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Identity in Canada. It was in the “kindness” of my heart to provide food for the people in class. It was linked to my landscape project, which is Chinatown in Ottawa.
It was a nice way to end off the Canadian Studies classes. It was an unusual way to get hurt again in the classroom. I bumped over the chair and I slipped and fell, along with the chair. It was not pleasant. It’s been a hazard for me.
After class, I went down to Rideau Centre and went to Roots and got a toque. It’s a yearly tradition for me to get toques, I try to get zany kinds of toques. I dunno if it will be my final time to get a Roots toque because I always go for time, but they no longer make any apparel for the Canadian Olympic team.
Then, I also dropped by to the BS and chatted with someone.

This is the last “episodic” entry of 2006 since it will be exam time and Christmas season. I will blog a bit after exams as a “special”, but it won’t be part of the season number and “episodic” entries.
Part 2 of season two will return in January. The only problem being that I got a reduced schedule since I will be taking 3 classes. One more with Peter Hodgins.

The End…for now