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Macbook Pro and Presentation – S2E11

Well, I am happy and partially relieved that I got my Macbook Pro and did the CDNS4200 presentation.
It couldn’t come at a right time with the new laptop. It arrived on Wednesday and I was just happy to getting it. I still need to get used to the two finger scrolling and etc.

I don’t know what to say, I am pretty sore from the tumble I had before class started. I thought I wasn’t in any pain but after leaving Dunton Tower, I was feeling sore on my left leg.
All in all, I guess the presentation went well. Humourous or not, it was enjoyful using the remote control to use the presentation slides.

Now, it’s time to try writing essays soon. It is crunch time.

Comic picks for this week. Criminal #2, Justice League of America #3 and American Virgin #8. Action Comics #844, which I picked up, but was released last week.

Here’s a photo that I took on the bus using Photo Booth.