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Rain Rain, Thursday – S2E13

I am not liking this weather lately. What’s with the rain? This ain’t Vancouver. I had been wearing a different shoe and it made me look tacky. Blue shoes and for the long time, I decided to wear a shoe that is not adidas.
Well, enjoyed a nice presentation on Canadian Television in CDNS4200 aka Canadian Popular Culture. I hope I am not sucking up. I couldn’t stop laughing with the Kids in the Hall clips. Though, I really wanted to see the “Street Legal” opening. ๐Ÿ™‚ “Post” presentation, I decided to go to Mike’s Place and chill out with the presentation and with Peter. Plus some “guest cameos”. Originally, I was suppose to take the bus to downtown and take the express bus, but I decided to go to Mike’s Place instead. Supposedly, I was planning to stick around for a bit, but decided to stay longer because it was interesting to hear about what people are talking about.
It was entertaining and fun having to show a Youtube video of Diet Coke & Mentos. Geez, I don’t even bother watching “gross out” videos. I watch “vintage” music videos from Hong Kong.
It was funny to hear some good stories from the prof, Peter Hodgins (I have to put his full name on this entry for Google purposes) and from the gang in the class.
Though, I still haven’t got over the other Hodgins class from last Friday. It was just bizarre.

Comic picks. Finally, Civil War #5 came out and I was partially surprised to see a Marvel character make a “truimph” return to the Marvel Universe. Lately, that “person” hasn’t been in the mainstream Marvel Universe.
Another favorite comic is Astonishing X-Men #18. The conclusion to “Torn.” Gotta hand it to Joss (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer) Whedon and John (Planetary) Cassaday for an “astonishing” story.
Other picks are 100 Bullets #78 and New Avengers #25.

Last point, I am still enjoying my Macbook Pro. ๐Ÿ˜€
I also never expected someone to be using Bluetooth during CDNS4200 class and “try to steal” songs on my laptop. Well, you can’t use my songs because it’s protected. It’s from the iTunes Store. Too bad, so sad. ๐Ÿ˜€