As promised, the second part to my best of 2014 countdown. This list is from #20 to #1 and it’s the best part of the year ender to Canadian independent music. The countdown for the past few years has no repeats from an artist and band. It’s based on the album and when it was released.

Without spoiling much, the top 10 has half of the entries by female musicians. 2014 has been an important year to female rights and violence against women. Without spoiling much, the playlist is posted below. Several entries have a lot of returnees as artists and bands have released their follow-ups to their previous albums. Some have been critically acclaimed.
As usual, you can listen to the audio.

Happy New Year and hello to 2015.

– #20 to #1
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#20. Yelling In Sleep – Rich Aucoin [Ephemeral] #19. Can’t Do Without You – Caribou [Our Love] #18. Jigsaw Heart – Elliott Brood [Work and Love] #17. Hot Dreams – Timber Timbre [Hot Dreams] #16. Waves – Bahamas [Bahamas Is Afie] #15. Trainwreck 1979 – Death From Above 1979 [The Physical World] #14. Salad Days – Mac DeMarco [Salad Days] #13. Stranger In The Night – Jenn Grant [Compostela] #12. Absisto – Cold Specks [Neuroplasticity] #11. The Riverbed – Owen Pallett [In Conflict]

The Top 10
#10. The Bells – Lowell [We Loved Her Dearly] [youtube=] #9. Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays [Alvvays] [youtube=] #8. Rooftop of Romolos – Motel Raphael [Cable TV] [youtube=] #7. Sleep In The Wild – Crissi Cochrane [Little Sway] [youtube=] #6. Love Ain’t Enough – The Barr Brothers [Sleeping Operator] [youtube=] #5. Not Up To Me – Kandle [In Flames] [youtube=] #4. Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering) – Hey Rosetta! [Second Sight] [youtube=] #3. On The Rocks – The Rural Alberta Advantage [Mended With Gold] [youtube=] #2. From The Night – Stars [No One Is Lost] [youtube=] #1. Caribou – Tanya Tagaq [Animism] [youtube=] Bonus – From The Polaris Music Prize 2014 Gala, Tanya Tagaq’s performance.