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New Web Address and Apology on the Delay – S09E05

Vinyl Blog October 28

Sorry for the lack of posts for the month of October as I experienced a nasty cold, then there was Thanksgiving, and a co-host bailing out on the radio show several times. For the past few weeks, I didn’t have much to post up due to a lack of music interviews.
The exciting news is that wildworks.wordpress.com is no more as it’s wildworks.ca. It’s the new address for this site and quite lucky to get the domain name. It was tough whether to go for a dot com or dot ca name. It was best to stay Canadian for a domain name. The WordPress name gets redirected to the new web address.
What a good way to return with a post along with the new address. I will decide if the blog needs to get a new look, if needed.

The Radio Show
On the October 28th edition of the radio show on CKCU-FM, I started off with the tribute to Lou Reed as social media exploded throughout Sunday on his passing. In kicking off the show, I decided to play Walk On The Wildside as I remembered hearing that song from a Levi’s commercial back in the 1980s. It was also a nice shoutout to David Yazbeck of the Thursday Special Blend because his posts on Facebook caught my attention. He’s a big fan of Reed’s music. Reed was the driving force of the indie rock genre back in the 1960s as he formed the venerable band, The Velvet Underground.
Also on the show was playing songs for Halloween, which is on Thursday. A nice warm up for anyone going trick or treating with friends or go to Halloween themed parties.
Lastly, there was the tribute to the late Hong Kong singer/actress, Anita Mui. 2013 is the tenth anniversary of her death.
You listen to the audio from below. There was a new Arcade Fire, new Kandle and an unexpected announcement of Two Hours Traffic breaking up on the show.
To check out the playlist for the October 28th show, it is over at this link.
Also back this week is the Wild 10 Countdown. You can check it out at this link.

The Funding Drive
It’s that time of year as CKCU is having its Funding Drive. It started on October 25th and ends on November 10, 2013. The goal for this year’s funding drive is $127,000. It’s a lofty but reachable goal for the station. As the image shown above has the details to support and donate to an exciting community radio station in the Nation’s Capital. You can donate online at ckcufm.com/donate. It will accept credit card and/or PayPal.
Please continue to support a wonderful station as it’s hosted by over 200 volunteers and each has their own kind of music to play. It’s alternative to commercial radio. Being a campus community radio station, it also helps bring awareness to students in University where they can gain some experience whether it’s in production or being on-air.

Audio/Radio Show
The October 28th Radio Show – Press play to listen.
[audio https://archive.org/download/WildworksOnCkcu-fmForOctober282013/WildworksOctober282013.ogg]

Walk On The Wildside – Lou Reed
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wNknGIKkoA&w=640&w=480]

Demon by Kandle. I am still hooked on the song.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtF3ER7nClg&w=640&w=480]