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It was a wonderful weekend with to end September as I was in Montreal for Pop Montreal and my expectations exceed for this year because I checked out several bands and went to several venues. It was all in thanks to using Airbnb as the gracious host was accommodating and I was able to use the Bixi bike to get around to places.

The first live music to check out was at Divan Orange and it was Michael Feuerstack. It was unexpected because the place I was staying at was close by. Afterwards was getting to Pop Quarters  to get media pass and later going for two discussion panels. The first was a panel called “Some of the Smartest People We Know Discuss: Musicians, What Are your Intellectual Property Rights Now, and What Do We Want That to Really Mean?” That’s such a long title. It was formative discussion as the panellist consisting of Patrick Watson, Justin West (Secret City President), Susan Abramovitch (entertainment lawyer) and moderator, Reuven Ashtar (new media lawyer). It was quite informative as musicians like Watson need to get money to feed his family and how companies are using music for use as a property.

The second panel I went was definitely the one I wanted to check as it was The Polaris Music Prize Salon. Finally got to meet Polaris founder, Steve Jordan. The funny thing was that he thought I would be at the Ottawa salon as I was away to Toronto. The Montreal salon was one of the surprises to appear and it was a way to make up to missing out the Ottawa salon. Jordan was joined by Montreal jury members, Pierre Landy (CBC), Christine Fortier (CISM) and Erik Leijon (freelance/Montreal Gazette)

It was days after Godspeed You! Black Emperor! won best album for the 2013 edition. All were in support of GYBE winning and still being a good album. The band’s statement on their win and criticizing Polaris still left a lot of debate and discussion.

Afterwards, I went over to Petite Campus for a show as one band who came Ottawa several times and I never got to see them live. The band was Motel Raphaël. The show was presented by Indie Montreal and Pop Montreal. Motel Raphaël was joined by Corinna Rose, The Wind & The Wild, Emilie & Ogden and Lakes of Canada. Even though I stayed for five and a half hour with no food, what surprised me was the overwhelming support of fans coming out to the show at Petite Campus.
When Motel Raphaël came on stage at 12:30am, they delivered a terrific performance as they wore the “red coats.” Almost looking like Sgt. Pepper & Lonely Hearts Band by The Beatles. They played tracks which made fans danced, clapped and sing along. The last song they played was a cover to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

What I didn’t know is that they’re number four for Best Musical Act according to Cult’s Best of MTL 2013: Music. They are joined by the likes of Arcade Fire and Grimes.
Motel Raphaël are Emily Skahan, Clara Legault, Maya Malkin, Robin Warner, Afolabi Fapojuwo, Dane Stewart & Livia Morris.

Moving to Saturday, I went to several places and Puces Pop. It wasn’t until early evening when I checked out Secret Sun over at Ubisoft Rooftop. It’s been quite awhile since I last went to the rooftop. It was nice to see a view of Montreal once again and you will see a Polaroid photo of it. The next band was Thus:Owl. I didn’t stay for all of their set as I had to rush over to Rodos en Haut to check out MORI and re-do an interview with Ohara Hale.  If you like 90s style or New Wave music, you’ll definitely like them.

Afterwards, I had to rush over to Ukrainian Federation to see Whitehorse as I’ve been hearing that they are excellent live and I missed out on their performance at The Polaris Music Gala. Luke Doucet and Melissa McClellend definitely wowed the crowd with their use various musical instruments. The first song played live, Devil’s Got a Gun is still stuck in my head. Total love for the duo. Even though I stayed for three songs, I had to bolt over to O Patro Vys for the Toronto band, GROUNDERS. They were also excellent and had a good turnout as well.

I definitely had a great time this year at Pop Montreal and the biggest thanks goes out the host for letting me stay at her place. You were awesome. Her roommates were also cool and nice but one of them was drank a lot and it felt like a sitcom because I was like a new character coming into their lives. Overall, it was a fun time and you will see the photos posted from below. I brought along the two instant film cameras and nice to see people be surprised in seeing those cameras and the instant film sheet sliding out.

Have a great week!

The September 26th Radio Show
On this edition of WildWorks on CKCU-FM, it was the post Pop Montreal wrapup with the interview with Ohara Hale. The other segment was the Basia Bulat interview as she releases her new album, Tall Tall Shadow this week. Plus, she will be performing at the National Arts Centre on Saturday, October 5th and opening up will be Evening Hymns. The interview aired was the  part one as she was in Ottawa last week for the launch of the new season for NAC Presents.
Hopefully, Lauren will be doing the second part of the interview.
You can listen to the interviews below.
The playlist can be checked out over at this link.

The September 26th Radio Show – Press play to listen.
[audio http://archive.org/download/WildworksOnCkcu-fmForSeptember302013/WildworksSeptember302013.ogg] Ohara Hale Interview
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/113245619″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Basia Bulat Interview
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/113245825″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Pop Montreal Photos
Friday photos
Pop Montreal Friday

Saturday Photos
Pop Montreal Saturday

Polaroid Photos
With Patrick Watson
With Patick Watson Polaroid

With Ohara Hale
With Ohara Hale Polaroid

The view of Montreal at Ubisoft Rooftop
At Ubisoft Rooftop Montreal Polaroid