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Using Instant Film Cameras – S09E06

Instant Cameras Blog

Since June, I have been using instant film cameras and so far, it’s been a total shift to how I take photos. Even though it’s costly getting instant film sheets but the response to people seeing me use Polaroids have been quite a surprise because they haven’t seen the cameras in quite a long time and I get asked where I get the instant film sheets.
Recently, I loaded the sheets to the Polaroid SX 70 camera (photo shown on top row) and the results have been not perfect as the film runs on 125 ISO speed and there’s no flash on the camera itself. I’ll most likely have to shoot outdoors with the camera.
The photos are posted below. The results to using The Impossible Project have been mixed as I have messing around the dark/bright slider on the two Polaroid cameras. It’s been a work in progress to shooting Polaroid/instant film cameras and it’s challenging and fun. I have success on using the Fujifilm Instax Wide 210 (photo shown on bottom right) and the Polaroid Land Camera 600 (Autofocus 660) as the film speeds are not as volatile compared to the PX 70 film by The Impossible Project.
I have made a rule of sorts that taking instant film photos is like making three wishes from a Genie bottle as I have to carefully shoot carefully and be sure it’s fun and creative. Analog photography has rapidly decline since the convenient use of digital photos from smartphones and cameras. It’s still good to cherish instant photos in a very artistic way. Recent photos are posted below, check them out.

The November 4th Radio Show
CKCU is still continuing its Funding Drive and the station still needs support from supports and music lovers to help keep Ottawa’s campus community radio station for another year. You can donate at ckcufm.com/donate. On this week’s radio show, I played some new tracks from Rebekah Higgs and Arcade Fire. Bands coming to town this week are Hannah Georgas, Louise Burns and Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. Lastly, I continued with the tribute to Anita Mui as I decided to play an original Japanese song for Song of Sunset.
You can check the playlist over at this link.

Lastly, I am nominated for the Made In Blog Awards for 2013. I’m in the Art & Culture / Cinema / Music category. Feel free to vote for me.

Audio/Radio Show
The November 4th Radio Show – Press play to listen.
[audio https://archive.org/download/WildworksOnCkcu-fmForNovember42013/WildworksNovember42013.ogg]

Photos on the Instax Wide
Zombie Walk Instax 1 Zombie Walk Instax 2

Photos on The Impossible Project PX 680
680 Impossible_Fotor 1 680 Impossible 2

Photos on The Impossible Project PX 70
PX70 Impossible 1 PX70 Impossible 2