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Series 9

The 24 Days of Tea – S09E07

24 Days of Tea Grid Lens
I know it’s November and Christmas decorations are slowly being displayed at malls. I missed out last year as DAVIDsTEA released their 24 Days of Tea at their retail stores and online. This year is no exception as I decided to get a head start in purchasing this hot seller in time of the holiday season. I like the design and lovely colour to the 24 days of tea. There’s a magnetic to keep the box closed. I’m glad I got a chance to get it as I missed out on the 2012 edition advent calendar.
It’s definitely worth the $34.50 as it brings on the holiday spirit.

As for the days the teas are set and I’m not cheating or peeking (as the box says), here’s the list for the 2013 edition of 24 Days of Tea;

Alpine Punch (December 2nd)
Blueberry Jam (December 3rd)
Buddha’s Blend (December 18th)
Chocolate Orange (December 21st)
Cinnamon Rooibos Chai (December 14th)
Coffee Cake (December 10th)
Cream of Earl Grey (December 17)
English Breakfast (December 15)
Forever Nuts (December 4th)
Genmaicha (December 6th)
Gingerbread (December 23rd)
Glitter & Gold (December 13th)
Kokomo Green (December 12th)
Main Squeeze (December 16th)
Mango Madness (December 8th)
Mother’s Little Helper (December 11th)
Read My Lips (December 19th)
Santa’s Secret (December 24th)
Silk Dragon Jasmine (December 9th)
Sleigh Ride (December 22nd)
Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (December 7th)
Stormy Night (December 5th)
Vanilla Orchid (December 20th)
White Chocolate Frost (December 1st)

That’s the list for the tea calendar for December. There’s definitely some nice and interesting teas. There are favourites like Forever Nuts, Cream of Earl Grey and Vanilla Orchid included. The fruity ones like Blueberry Jam and Strawberry Parfait that will leave you salivating.
Lastly, it’s most likely going to be gone quickly as it brings the holiday spirit and a reminder of the chocolate advent calendars. I may update this blog come December and put the days the tea are placed. I got another box and I am not sure who to give it to. Sorry, not to strangers but it’s to someone close or a great friend.
One more thing, on Monday’s radio show, I will have the interview with Hannah Georgas as she was in town on Thursday and Friday night at the NAC as part of the NAC Presents series.

Here are a few photos of the box packaging.

24 Days of Tea Back
The back part of the box

24 Days of Tea No Peeking
No peeking!