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The Most Serene Republic Interview Added With a Snowstorm – S05E28

What a way to start Wednesday morning with a blast of snow. Even though my blog is snowing (until January 4, 2010), it’s not as intense and cold compared to outside in Ottawa. I was able to make it to CKCU through blizzard conditions. The bus ride took me over an hour. Yep, Winter has arrived. During the show, I had to endure Lady GaGa by surprise, thanks to the host. Go ahead as you laugh it off. Today’s show included some several Christmas tunes and the interview with one of the members of The Most Serene Republic.
I still can’t stop playing You Say Party! We Say Die! Enjoy listening to the show.
Can’t wait to check out Bands Undone for Friday as it will be Mother Mother and Laurent Bourque at different times.
Here’s Wednesday edition of Audio Sensory Resuscitation and my show combine. Press play to listen.

Here’s my show. Press play to listen.

Due to the sound quality from the radio show being not so great, you can listen to the interview with Emma of The Most Serene Republic separately. Press play to listen or download it.

CBC Radio 3 2009 Bucky Awards

Due to the snowstorm, I missed parts of the award show and surprised that Vancouver artists cleaned up at the awards show. Here’s the link from CBC Radio 3’s website, http://r3.ca/02vW
It was no surprise that several Vancouver musicians and bands won. Luckily, I have been playing them on my radio show. It’s also a great year for Joel Plaskett as his album, Three has been ambitious with the 3 CDs but excellent overall. Through & Through & Through is still a catchy song. Coeur de Pirate is a no-brainer because Commes Des Enfants was played a lot on CBC Radio and through campus community stations.
Congratulations to the winners!