Caledonia – Bands Undone and Zaphods – S05E27

It was a tight packed session at Canteen as Caledonia dropped by for Bands Undone. Let’s just say that the band brought the whole equipment for another stellar performance at the art shop & gallery.
The funny part for myself when Caledonia sang the first song was continuously eating Humpty Dumpty Party Mix due to the face that the lead singer kept saying “hunger!” It led me to keep eating on the pretzels and ringalos. They performed 4 terrific songs and it wowed the small audience.
The funny part with the separate interviews was Kara (the host) and myself had trouble saying ECMA (East Coast Music Awards) and it was unusual because the name looks easy because we had trouble saying it.
I didn’t expect to have a long Saturday as I decided to join the two Brian’s to go to Zaphod Beeblebrox for Caledonia (again) with Matt Ouimet and Sarah Hallman. Due to the competing gigs elsewhere in downtown Ottawa on Saturday and the Santa Claus Parade being held at night-time, it was not busy at Zaphods but there were several went to see Caledonia. Overall, they’re a great band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hallman and Ouimet’s performances were enjoyable.
You can view the photos at this link.
The Bands Undone review is now posted up.
Here’s the video taken by Brian. YouTube version also available.

Sort of Counting Down to David Tennant’s end on Doctor Who

It’s nearing closer to The End of Time and I have decided to pick my favorite episodes or clips (if I can find any) from Doctor Who Series 2-4. David Tennant’s reign as the Tenth Doctor really excited Doctor Who fans all around the world. I don’t know how long this will last on YouTube but this clip is from my favorite eps from Series 2, The Girl In The Fireplace (Episode 4). It’s a sad ending for the Doc as he couldn’t get Madame Pompadour on time. The letter he read was just sad and the music would bring you to tears. It’s still my favorite episode ever since Doctor Who was revived and fitting since the new executive producer and head writer, Steven Moffatt wrote this terrific but heartbreaking eps.