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The Balconies CD Release Party at The Black Sheep Inn – S05E02

The Balconies at Their CD Release Party at The Blacksheep Inn
Last night (Saturday night), I got to check out The Balconies CD Release Party at The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. This time, I went by bus to the Blacksheep because I did not ask this friend of mine if he wanted to come. Overall, it was an exciting event for The Balconies to finally release their first album out. The performance started off with Leif Vollebekk, who is now residing in Montreal, Quebec. His set was acoustic and mellow to starting off the night. He also brought his “arsenal” of instruments, which were his other guitar and violin. The second band, Whale Tooth, of Toronto, performed to loud and songs to dance to. The main singer, Elise LeGrow was full of energy. They were great with their performance because the crowd were really into it. I almost forgot about who’s in the group and their genre because it has been awhile that Whale Tooth has performed in Ottawa. The last time was at The Rainbow Bistro.

Onto The Balconies, as usual, they performed their usual tunes and one new song. The same style and energy being brought to the crowd. Towards the end, Jacquie did a solo song which amazed the crowd and myself since it was brought a different part to their performances. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but what I like with The Balconies is their parents fully supporting them as they are they to root for them.

Photos are now on my Flickr account, you can click here.
Overall, The Balconies were great and hopefully they will do well in Toronto. Keep up the good work.
Even though I enjoyed the concert, I got so distracted with the new iPod nano (5th generation) because I was trying to test out the video camera. So far, I can’t post the ones I recorded at The Blacksheep Inn because of sound issues. Here’s one of the clips;

TV Talk
Last thing, I started to PVR/record The Wedge on MuchMusic (enough of The OC jokes since they don’t air it anymore) because they would showcase certain Canadian indie musicians and bands that CBC Radio 3 often plays. It would keep me up to date on what music videos they would show, even though The Wedge is aired late Friday nights. I was surprised they played the Amy Millan video and previous eps had Mother Mother’s Hayloft.

Even though I mentioned on my Twitter and Facebook status, I was surprised that The Vampire Diaries played “Take Me To The Riot” by Stars. The CW seems to have the head start of their Fall 2009 TV season. I watched the new Melrose Place and it stunk in my opinion. The second season of 90210 was not too bad but I didn’t know the actor who played Ethan (who’s Canadian), left the show earlier this year.

Oh yes, I totally enjoyed Bob Barker guest-hosting on WWE RAW last Monday. I totally laughed when Chris Jericho confronted him and he “won” the pricing game. I also loved The Price is Right theme being played during RAW, it was hilarious enough to say the least.