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My Weekend Warm-Up – S05E05

Kyrie Krismanson at The Black Sheep Inn on Sept. 26, 2009
It was an exciting Saturday night at The Black Sheep Inn as it was Kyrie Kristmanson headlining with guests, Jill Zmud and Adam Saikaley. I was with a few friends and my brother. It’s nice to have good company and talk about funny stories. To the performances, it was a surprise to see CBC Radio One’s AlanAquamanNeal be the MC for the concert. Adam Saikaley, who’s still a producer with the CBC started off by playing with the piano. It was raw and very different from the previous music I’ve seen and heard. Certainly, a nice way to start off his set. The second performer, Jill Zmud, who is an up and comer to the Ottawa music scene. She’s originally from Saskatchewan and now living in Ottawa. She brought a softer tone to her set. Her songs were sultry and calming, which felt engaging to the audience. She had a funny story about her previous guitar being broken thanks to United Airlines and mentioned about Dave Carroll and the broken guitar song.

Onto Kyrie, before she got on stage to perform, Alan Neal was still on stage and I told my brother about him wearing the Aquaman shirt. Alan heard me as it was somewhat of a funny moment because whenever I see Alan, he usually wears a DC Comics… or Entertainment heroes shirt. As for Kyrie and her trademark white furry hat, she delivered an excellent set where she performed her usually songs and addition to some new material. I was surprised with a few French songs she played. As usual, she got the audience to join along with the songs. Overall, great crowd to keep the performers excited on a Saturday.
You can check out photos on this link.
Here’s a clip I took.

I have put some videos from the Chinese songs I played on the bottom of the post. I still cherish the early 1990s Cantopop songs.

Friday’s Entry
: It was very last minute being notified but I filled in on the Weekend Warm-Up at CKCU 93.1 FM. This entry will be continuous because I will be covering my post for the concert happening at The Black Sheep Inn for Saturday night. Here’s the first part of the entry for the radio show I filled in.

Anyone can listen to it if they missed out on it live. Note: You may have to lower the volume during Night Lights by Videotape and after. Apologies on the sound issues coming from my laptop. Press Play to listen.

Here’s the playlist that I played during the show.
The 2009 Polaris Music Prize Winner to Start The Show

1. Golden Seal – F**ked Up (The Chemistry of Common Life)

Two Local Artists I Will Be Checking At The Black Sheep Inn for Saturday

2. Song X – Kyrie Kristmanson (Pagan Love)
3. Night Lights – Videotape (My Favourite Thing)  [I couldn’t find an Adam Saikaley song to play]

Next Week’s Pick at The Black Sheep Inn – One I’m Not Going to and One I’m Going To
4. A Song About California – Hey Ocean! (It’s Easier to Be Somebody Else)
5. My Heart Is a Warning – Basia Bulat (Friends In Bellwoods 2)

Some Tunes to Keep You Dancing and Grooving for the Weekend
6. Long Live The Fallen World – Young Galaxy (Invisible Republic)
7. The Slo – The Balconies (The Balconies)
8. Girls You Love – Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees (Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees) [Most likely the last time I will try plugging Rebekah Higgs’s radio show at CKDU in Halifax. I’m running out of her songs to play]

My Nostalgic Segment – Chinese Songs aka Cantopop from Hong Kong
9. 執迷不悔 (No Regrets) – 王菲 (Faye Wong)
10. 想你 (Miss You) – 張國榮 (Leslie Cheung)
11. 春風秋雨 (Spring Wind Autumn Rain) – 葉蒨文 (Sally Yeh)
12. 喜歡妳 (Liking You) – Beyond

Extra Time to Play a Final Song

13. Bye Bye Bye – Plants & Animals (Parc Avenue)

TV Talk

I finally got the Complete First Season of CBC’s Being Erica on DVD. Aside from that, it returned for a second season this past Tuesday night and what I loved about the show is how Erica, played Erin Karpluk, can fix her mistakes from going back in time. With the help of Dr. Tom, played Michael Riley. It’s a dramedy mixed with time travel. I wish I had a chance to go back in time and fix my own mistakes. What’s in store for season two? I don’t know yet but viewers including myself got a glimpse of Dr. Tom’s past. All I know since Season One and this season of Being Erica, I have been writing on my FaceBook status and Twitter about the show and the songs they played. Another funny thing about the show is that several actors from Degrassi: The Next Generation have appeared on the show. Drake, appeared in an episode from Season One and is now a bonafide recording artist. It’s an excellent Canadian and I know it has a tough competition against CTV.
I finally went into HD in some form. Replaced one of the Bell TV receiver and I’m already stoked with the quality of certain TV shows in high definition. Got to watch Survivor: Samoa in HD and I can say is, “wow!” Unfortunately, the TV I use is not on HD yet. Although, I have a Blu-Ray player to play high-def movies and TV shows.