The Interview with Inlet Sound – S08E31

With Inlet Sound

Hey friends, Candice here bringing you a quick recap of the March 20th edition of WildWorks.

First, some sad news that we need to share. CKCU was greatly saddened to hear that Chopper McKinnon, the long-time host of the show Canadian Spaces, passed away last week. Chopper had been a fixture of the Ottawa folk scene and his show had been on-air for more than three decades. He will be truly missed.

Lenny went through some of the Canadian Spaces playlists and found a fair number of Dan Mangan tracks there, so he dedicated Dan Mangan’s song “Basket” to Chopper’s memory. Mangan had written the song about his grandfather.

Today’s episode of WildWorks also featured an interview with Toronto band Inlet Sound. They were in Ottawa March 16 for a show, so Lenny had a chance to catch up with them and find out about more about their folk-styled album, The Romantics. Inlet Sound recorded that album in several interesting locales, including an old church and a cabin.

(And although I wasn’t able to make it to the interview, Inlet Sound was awesome enough to give me an autographed CD! : ) Thanks Inlet Sound and Lenny for the surprise – it really made my day!)

Later on the show, we played some tracks from Rah Rah, Whitehorse and former Ottawa resident Gianna Lauren. Rah Rah and Whitehorse will both be in town March 23, with Rah Rah opening for Two Hours Traffic at Zaphods and Whitehorse taking one of the stages at the National Arts Centre.

Today was the first day of Spring but there is still snow on the ground in Ottawa and no warmer weather. We played Cantopop songs that use one of the seasons (aka spring). Spring Wind, Fall Rain by Sally Yeh and Spring, Summer, Fall Winter by the late Leslie Cheung.
Next week’s show will have a tribute to Leslie Cheung as this year is the tenth anniversary of his tragic death.

This week’s Wild 10 Countdown found The Matinée in the top spot, with their track “Let Her Go.” It’s from the album, We Swore We’d See the Sunrise.

You can find the countdown here. (Note: Songs played in the first part of the show are listed in the countdown blog).

The playlist for the March 20th show is over at this link.
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The Interview with – S08E30

Credit: Caitlin Laura Photography

Credit: Caitlin Laura Photography

Hi friends, Candice again. I took a short break last week, but I’m back again and as usual, I co-hosted on today’s edition of WildWorks. And now for a quick recap!

This week, we brought you an interview from Toronto-based band, The “orchestral-folk”-styled band was in Ottawa on March 8 for a show at Avant-Garde Bar.

And while their six-song EP garnered a fair amount of attention since its August 2011 release, has announced that it’s planning on heading back into the studio to record some new material later this year. Check the bottom of this post for the full interview and’s track, “Addict.” (The track is played on the radio show) Continue reading

The Birthday Edition: Interviews with Young Rival and The Elwins – S08E27.5

with The Elwins

Hey friends, this is Candice writing a quick recap of today’s edition of WildWorks.

So busy, busy show today – not only did we have a double dose of interviews with bands Young Rival and The Elwins, but today was also Lenny’s birthday! Happy birthday, friend! Here’s to another amazing year ahead and all the DAVIDsTEA your heart desires. : )
The photo shown is Lenny with The Elwins, after the interview.

On today’s show, we played a few tracks from artists and bands that are competing in CBC Music’s Searchlight contest. CBC is looking for Canada’s next big thing, and the winning artist/band will get a sweet $20,000 in music-related equipment from Yamaha. The list of the top 20 acts is slated to be released Feb. 25.

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The SOCAN (Winter Edition) – S08E23

CKCU January 30th

Hi friends, Candice here posting on today’s show.

In case you missed it, today was the SOCAN edition of WildWorks. SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, is giving revenues to songwriters and performers who are featured on radio shows across Canada this week. So we decided to play all Canadian content this week, and the results were, of course, awesome!

Today’s mix included our personal favourites, like Ohbijou and Basia Bulat, but we also heard some distinctly Canuck-esque tunes like “Canadian National” by Inlet Sound and “The Halifax Commotion” by Ottawa’s Hilotrons. It doesn’t get any more Cancon than that!

Also stay tuned for next week – not only are we doing a Valentine’s Day-themed show, but it’ll also have a Chinese New Year-inspired vibe. And we all know which is the more excellent holiday.

This week’s Wild 10 Countdown still has Tegan and Sara on the top spot. They are number one for the second week. The summary can seen over at this link.
The playlist for the show is over at this link.

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It’s The Who Is Playing Coachella 2013 Show – S08E21

CKCU January 30th
Hey again listeners and blog readers, Candice here!

So this isn’t ACTUALLY the Coachella show, but let’s go with it, OK?

With Coachella’s organizers tweeting out their much-anticipated lineup for April 2013,  Lenny and I picked out the tunes for this week’s show by scoping out our favourites from the bevy of artists scheduled to perform.

There’s lots of Canadian talent heading south in the spring, so during the live show, we played some offerings from Grimes, Purity Ring (personal favourite!), Stars and Metric. You can check out the playlist here

And for our Wild 10 Countdown, our number one pick was from the new album by Tegan and Sara. Heartthrobs is their seventh studio album, so we thought “Now I’m All Messed Up” would be a fitting way to round out our top ten. You can find the summary here.

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An Interview With The Bombadils and a New Blog Contributor – S08E20

With The Bombadils at CKCU_

This week, I give you a new blog contributor as well in making her return to the radio show. Here’s Candice So.

Hi friends, this is Candice So and I co-hosted with Lenny back in November 2011. It’s been a while, but hosting on WildWorks is just as fun as ever! Thanks to Lenny for having me back.

So today was definitely one of those days that makes you either majorly proud – or upset – to be an Ottawan. High of -23 degrees Celsius, dropping with -39 with the windchill, and pretty much everyone blowing up Facebook and Twitter by saying how freaking cold it is.

With the bone-chilling weather in mind, on this edition of the show, we tried to keep things nice and cosy with an interview with The Bombadils, a Celtic folk band based in Montreal. Lenny spoke to the four-piece ensemble and asked them about their Lord of the Rings-inspired name, where they came from and where they’re hoping to go in the future. Then they were kind enough to record an acoustic set for us in CKCU‘s Studio B – give it a listen and see what you think!

Other highlights from the show include the latest offering from Tegan and Sara, a track from The Acorn and a very catchy just-released number from Young Galaxy. The entire playlist can be found here.

This week’s Wild 10 Countdown has Hilotrons at the top spot. The summary can be found here.
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A Tribute to a Great Jazz Host In Ottawa – S08E18

In Memory of Jacques Emond

It’s with great sadness to find out a host at CKCU-FM passed away on the weekend. Swing’s In The Air, hosted by Jacques Emond, was a wonderful and kind host. Aside from being a host at CKCU, he was also associated with Ottawa Jazz Festival as Artistic Director. As tributes have been pouring in condolences on the station’s website, it certainly shows how much an impact Emond had within the Ottawa Jazz scene and the loyal presences on the radio every Sunday afternoon.
On the radio show, I mentioned that I had the chance and privilege to have met him as it was when I started my radio show in 2009. I was a rookie at that time and not knowing about various hosts at the station. As what everyone said, he was definitely a kind man and had some witty and carefree attitude. One thing I forgot to mention was listening to his show while in the CKCU office, a host from another show came on to get listeners to pledge and they were speaking in French. It goes to show how generous Emond was. His generosity and keen atitude totally showed his true love of Jazz music.
The photo shown is a clipping from the Ottawa Citizen. I hope you will enjoy to listen to the radio show as classic Jazz tracks were played.
The playlist is over at this link.
Also on the show was the return of the Wild 10 Countdown. For past month, there were holiday and year-end music shows. This week’s countdown had returnees as certain bands and musicians were played on various best of 2012 music shows.
The top 10 is over at this link.

If you get a chance, I have been doing a photo 365 challenge of sorts. It’s over at this link.
That’s all for the week. If I left out some other detailed parts, I was having a headache as I wrote this post. Apology on the lack of writing.

Audio/Radio Show
The January 9th Radio Show – Press play to listen

It’s 2013! Concluding the Best of 2012 Music – S08E17

January 2nd Post Show

Hello 2013, it’s a new year and what a nice way to have the radio show on the day after January 1st, new year’s day. On this edition, I brought in a guest on the show because the regular co-host’s away on her holiday break. The guest is Brianna Harris and she’s a student at Carleton University. She is also an indie music fan but more on the folk genre. It was a privilege to give her a listen to various Canadian indie music from 2012. I left several Canadian artists and bands out from my top 50 of 2012 as it was a difficult choice to put them as there were so many good album and EP releases in 2012. Overall, she enjoyed the radio show and liked the music that were played.

Also on the January 2nd show was the conclusion to the year-end countdown. This time, it’s the top 12 non-Canadian indie music of 2012. The segment was pre-recorded as I wanted my co-host (Lauren) to experience the excitement in counting down the tunes of 2012. The top pick from the list of 2012 was Beach House because Bloom was basically our favourite album. Their music makes me happy, dreamy and putting me into tears. I’m reminded from a former co-host from Italy who got me to like the band and a former host from RTHK Radio 3 (now living in England) who had Teen Dream as one of her picks from 2010. Without those two, I wouldn’t have fallen in awe with Beach House.
The list for the top 12 is posted below.

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The Christmas Program Guide for 2012 – S08E16

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Xmas 2012

It’s that festive time of the year where Christmas music is being played on the radio and television. The 2012 edition is a bit different as I try avoiding to play the usual Christmas pop tunes on the airwaves.
I shifted the modern and mainstream Christmas tunes for the blog part for the show (stay tuned for the update). I have noticed that a couple of CKCU shows have been playing tracks from the likes of Christmas In Hollis by Run DMC and countless versions of Fairytale of New York.
On the live radio show, what was played were more on the Canadian indie Christmas music and luckily got to play some of the tunes from the newly released Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 4. There was also an extended edition as I tried to not play a lot of Christmas tunes but used more on the Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 4 compilation as they were new. The local band, The Acorn are on the new holiday compilation.
The photo shown has the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, a Santa hat and a present as a prop.
As usual on Christmas day, the only thing I anticipate is the Doctor Who Christmas special. This year was pretty good and all I can say about the new companion just makes me melt my heart.

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Ending The 2012 Interview Segment with Diamond Rings and Holiday Tunes – S08E15

With Diamond Rings (2012)

To cap off another year with great Canadian indie music. Ending the interview segment for 2012 happened to be Diamond Rings. It was quite the last minute as I encountered a problem from last week’s radio show. It was the second time to interview John O. aka Diamond Rings as he’s currently touring to promote his second album, Free Dimensional. I forgot how laid back and easy-going when I chatted with Diamond Rings. He was in Ottawa on Friday, December 7th and heard the show at Ritual Nightclub was sold out. Aside from the funny photo shown on top, I got a lot of “likes” when I posted the photo.
The audio of the interview will be posted below.

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