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Delays Due To Being Sick and Malfunctions – S05.2E04

Sorry for not posting a new entry for this week because I got sick with the cold and sore throat as I didn’t have the energy to write. The second reason is that I don’t have the April 14th edition of the radio show because of a software issue at the station I do have the show but it’s on a different audio format.
I also debuted a new addition to the show, I got a top 5 countdown called The Wild 5 or W5 Countdown. Here’s the debut list.
W5 Countdown – April 14, 2010
5. Red Door – Tall Trees
4. Kettering – The Antlers
3. Fake It – Plants & Animals
2. Fixed – Stars
1. Odessa – Caribou

The playlist from the radio show is at this link.
Here are the interviews that were aired on the April 14th radio show. Even though the interviews were recorded back in February, it was considered unique timing because Young Rival’s full length album was released and Bahamas returned to Ottawa for a concert with Zeus and Jason Collett.

Young Rival Interview – press play to listen or download it.

Bahamas Interview – press play to listen or download it.

Very Sad News
It was a shock to hear that the drummer of You Say Party! We Say Die!, Devon Clifford has passed away. Twitter has been a buzz with reactions from fans and music colleagues all around Canada. The message read from the band’s Twitter, DEVON CLIFFORD 1979 – 2010 R.I.P.
It was a privilege to see the band in Montreal during the Easter holiday and they were all nice and remembered me. Seeing Devon was great and he was in good spirits when I last saw him. Before leaving La Sala Rossa, I asked him about his experience during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and response was pretty funny. He said to two other people that he liked the Ottawa crowds.
Words can’t say at the moment but condolences and sympathies goes out to the band, friends and family of Devon Clifford. Rest in peace.
Even though I already posted it on a previous entry, here’s a video I shot when they were in Ottawa on November 14, 2009 at Babylon. There Is XXXX (Within My Heart) live.