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Easter Weekend Fun in Montreal with You Say Party! We Say Die! & Part of The Belle Game – S05.2E03

You Say Party! We Say Die! in Montreal
Back from Montreal, QC over the Easter holiday. It was a spur of the moment because You Say Party! We Say Die! was in Montreal for a show there and they skipped Ottawa and a few other Ontario cities. It was nice to go outside of Ottawa for a concert. It’s been a very long time I went to a concert in Montreal and that was back in 1993 for Duran Duran at the once famous and legendary Montreal Forum. The slight irony with these two different bands that they are in the New Wave music genre.
Back to YSP! WSD! in Montreal, they were performing at La Sala Rossa. As previously mentioned, it’s the first time to check out an indie music venue in Montreal and my lack of knowledge of the Montreal music scene and venues are minimal at best. Prior to their performance, I arrived to the venue a bit early because I am not familiar with area of Montreal and I saw some of the members and they remembered me.
Overall, their performance was energetic and lot of dancing around. It was great to remember half of the songs because I always kept playing songs from XXXX on my radio show. The crazy part came almost near the end of the set when Like I Give a Care was played and then the opening acts (Braids and Makeout Videotape) came out on stage and delivered the mosh pit/crowd surfing. Lead vocalist, Becky Ninkovic joined in the fray towards the crowd. The other crazy part was her back or leg landed on me as she was getting back on stage from the moshing.
The photo on top was when the band performed on Like I Give A Care.

Hanging Out With One-Fraction of The Belle Game
The next day, my bro and I got to hang out with one person of The Belle Game because half of the members went back to their respective hometowns for Easter or various reasons. The other Belle Game member was working at a brunch & breakfast restaurant and she was surprised to see us show up there. I was told that Leonard Cohen dines at the restaurant.
Later that night, we went Divan Orange, another indie music venue in Montreal as The Belle Game opened up for Bent By Elephants, another Montreal band. Even though we didn’t stay for all of Bent By Elephants as I was getting a bit sleepy, both bands were amazing.
Here’s Tiny Fires (live) by The Belle Game “light” at Divan Orange from Sunday night. Click on the link if you want to watch in full HD quality.

What I Ate in Montreal?
Aside from missing out on poutine and Schwartz’s (smoked meat) due to the length of walking distance around Montreal, I had a chance to try out a vegan restaurant called Aux Vivres. As I was trekking up to find La Sala Rossa, I glanced at the other side to see an eye-catching restaurant sign and I was curious when I got there. I stepped in and didn’t expect the restaurant to be somewhat busy. I wasn’t expecting what to order but I went for this bowl called Dragon. Here’s a photo I took via TweetPhoto. It looked epic but surprisingly fast, service-wise. I wrote on my Twitter that I almost went straight vegan for 2 days while in Montreal. I had bacon when I was at the restaurant hanging with The Belle Game. I went to Aux Vivres again for the 2nd time but with my bro. It was funny because my bro knew someone from Poorfolk and I didn’t know that I was beside him. In a way, I didn’t expect the vegan restaurant to be popular in Montreal.
I will explain more on the fun in Montreal on my radio show for Wednesday’s radio show.

Wednesday’s Radio Show for April 7, 2010.
The post-Easter edition was filled with interviews from Said The Whale and In-Flight Safety. I talked about my time in Montreal during the Easter holiday and played new music from Stars, The New Pornographers and Plants & Animals. The new Stars song (Fixed) is already catchy.
After a week’s absence, I had to play You Say Party! We Say Die! because of their Montreal show.
Speaking of Plants & Animals, I had to play “Bye Bye Bye” because it was played on NBC’s Chuck (Season 3, Eps 13, Chuck Versus The Other Guy).
The WildWorks Extra segment, I played two outrageous Cantopop songs. One was by Chow Yun-Fat. Yes, I am not joking. The other was by George Lam. Both songs were 9 minutes of medley goodness.
For the second week, I have been using All I Ever Wanted To Be (“Being Erica” Theme Song) by Lily Frost as my opening show intro but I will still continue using The Next Door by EXILE, the theme to Street Fighter IV. In a way, both songs will alternate but I like the CBC show, Being Erica. I am not sure if it will return for a 3rd season.
The playlist is at this link.
Here’s the radio show for April 7, 2010, press play to listen.

Said The Whale Interview
Press play to listen or download it.

In-Flight Safety Interview
Press play to listen or download it.