With George Takei After The Concert.
I am back from my April hiatus and this blog entry will be interesting because on Friday night, I went to The National Arts Centre for NACO’s Pops concert, Sci-Fi Spectacular. What was unique with this concert was that George Takei of Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu was on hand as the narrator for the famous Star Trek theme song and for another song. There were songs from Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Harry Potter and 2001: A Space Odyssey that were played. I didn’t expect to go to NAC for this because plans to go to the Black Mountain, Ladyhawk and Pack A.D. at Capital City Music Hall as part of BC Scene, fell through. In a way, I was surprised to enjoy the Sci-Fi Spectacular and getting to meet George Takei at the end of the concert (photo above). What was also ironic was that my bro and I ended up sitting at the front row for the concert. I was like having an “oh crap” moment because I got a good view and having George Takei be several feet (about 8-9 feet) away was fantastic enough. Before the show started, it was almost a sci-fi convention because there were people dressing up as Star Wars characters. It reminded me of the comic and anime convention when I went to Toronto and almost driving myself nuts with it.
Oh yeah, prior to going to NAC, my bro and I decided to hang outside at Capital City Music Hall to see if CBC Radio 3‘s Pedro Mendes and/or Amanda Putz would be around. The answer was yes, I got to see them, even though I wouldn’t be attending the concert. I’m happy I got to meet another Radio 3 personality. No Craig Norris and Grant Lawrence (har har) yet. I wasn’t sure if Pedro would know or heard of me because on CBC Radio 3’s website, I go by WildWorks. All in All, it was a great Friday to enjoy and even the weather was awesome too.This Past Week

On Wednesday night, I went to the Spiral Beach concert and before the concert started, Jian Gomeshi of CBC Radio 1’s Q popped up at Zaphod Beeblebrox. What’s shameful was that I did not get to approach him on his wonderful job on Q. Worse part, I had to wake up early Thursday morning for the final exam proctoring at Carleton University. I did survive through as I also chilled out at CKCU’s Fundamentally Sound from noon to 2pm, hosted by Dennis Molnar and his funny sidekick, C.J Showtime, who only stayed for an hour. All the insanity I had to get through this week. I need a breather soon.
Oh, here are photos from a lion dance performance at a friend’s wedding. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157617020848360/. It was great to see my friend because he’s usually in Toronto and the performance itself brought a smile to my face because the crowd were excited and I couldn’t stop smiling over it. My friend was the MC for his sister’s wedding and I cracked up because of his badly spoken Chinese (Cantonese) and he was like a standup comic.

Tech Talk
I have been enjoying the Nintendo DSi. Although, I have not gotten a DS game in 3 years, I have been using the DSi as a music player when hopping on bus. I still like the iPod but I hate seeing the play counts and last date played on iTunes. I am not a fan of the stats part to it. Here’s some photos that I took using the DSi, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157616932624621/.