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August Extra #2 – Horses Spilled Milk and Guest Hosting for Kristal’s Method

View From The Tay River in Perth, Ontario
I know the photo is not really linked to this particular entry but I mentioned at the start of Horses Spilled Milk that I went to Perth, Ontario on Saturday for 2 lion dance performances. Check the 2009 Summer page for the short entry. I had to sub in for co-host for the beginning of the show because he was running late. I was basically a lifesaver for Horses Spilled Milk and Kristal’s Method.
Halfway through Horses Spilled Milk, there was a classic 80s song played and the hint; The Breakfast Club, directed by the late John Hughes.

Afterwards, I unexpectedly decided to guest host Kristal’s Method because Kristal wasn’t around. I had to scramble and figure out what songs to play. I had help from Armen of Thematics at CKCU-FM at the first host break. This time, I totally played 100% Canadian independent music.
Note: Audio for both shows are no longer available to listen.

Here’s the playlist for guest hosting Kristal’s Method:

Last Minute Picks to Start the Show and Countdown to Ottawa Folk Festival (Starting with Joel Plaskett)
Heart of My Own – Basia Bulat (Daytrotter Session and Coming in Oct. Heart of My Own, her 2nd album)
Deny, Deny, Deny – Joel Plaskett (Three)

Amy Milan to be at Ottawa Folk Fest, Needed to Play Said The Whale Again (Blame iTunes for the Title Error Last Time) and the Usual Shoutout to Rebekah Higgs and Her Radio Show.

Elevator Love Letter – Stars (Heart) from Arts&Crafts record label
Camilo (The Magician) – Said The Whale (The Magician – Single) [iTunes mixed the title around when it was released and I didn’t look carefully when I last guest hosted]
You Don’t Miss Me – Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees – Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees

A Random Pick and Two Favourites
Battle of 77 – Sunparlour Players (Wave North)
Why So Looking Back – The Most Serene Republic (Population) from Arts&Crafts
Foam Hands – Destroyer (Trouble in Dreams)

An Ottawa Music Block
Flood – The Acorn (Glory Hope Mountain)
Clear The Crowds – Jim Bryson (Where The Bungalows Roam)
The Cheapest Key – Kathleen Edwards (Asking For Flowers)
Emergency Street – Hilotrons (Happymatic)

Saying Bye Bye Bye Again (Not the *N Sync Song)
Bye, Bye, Bye – Plants & Animals (Parc Avenue)

Various Blog Posting – What I Said About Who Helped Out on “Emergency Street” by Hilotrons? From this link on CBC Radio 3, Amanda Putz wrote down, “Luke Martin, Sacha Gabriel, Jim Bryson, Sarah Hallman, J.J. Hardill, Janice Hall, Miche Jette, Gianna Lalonde, Cameron Terrill, & Lisa Poushinsky.” I only said Jim Bryson and Sarah Hallman on-air and I couldn’t remember what she wrote after I played Emergency Street but I searched on Google to finding it later on.

Audio is provided by SoundCloud.

Again, I like to thank Erica and Corey of Horses Spilled Milk and Kristal for being supportive and loving music. What a way to go almost two for two on radio.