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Leslie Cheung 1956-2003

It’s been six years since Leslie Cheung left the world. So many fans still miss his talents and always on this day, I would be listening to his songs as a way of remembering the impact he had in movies and music in Hong Kong and the world. I never expect to have grown to liking Hong Kong superstars like him and Anita Mui. I still feel a sense a loss that both are no longer around. It’s tough to keep clinging to the past. As usual, fans and myself will always remember Leslie Cheung.
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Lenny Vs. The Alma Mater – On a Blogging Break.

I will be on a April hiatus on my blog because I will be busy with exam proctoring at my alma mater, Carleton University. Sounds daunting to dealing with students and making sure they don’t cheat. I should be back in the final week of April as I plan to go to the Hey Ocean! and Said The Whale concert for BC Scene.

– Updated on April 2, 2009 aka Eps 21.5
I am uncertain about the schedule for exam proctoring but time will tell with this writing. I just want to give a shoutout because I have been hanging out at CKCU’s on-air for the past two Thursday from 12-2pm. The radio show is called Fundamentally Sound, hosted by Dennis Molnar and C.J. “Showtime” (Well, you know who are you). It’s an excellent show that plays Hip-Hop, Rap, Funk, Soul and Jazz with a dose of hilarious chatter from the hosts. What a way to plug this radio show, gee!
Also, I like to give another shoutout to the people who I have met during the volunteering training at CKCU. I don’t know if you will be reading this but it’s been great working with you, even if it was for a short time. If it wasn’t for the bus strike, I wish there was more time to have fun with the production sets. I hope there is a chance to meet up again and whatever endeavors bring you.