Having recently gone to Toronto in April, I went to Claw & Kitty again and this time with my brother, since he hasn’t been to the Markham area in quite a long time.

Claw & Kitty is a claw machine store where it is located in First Markham Place. It is one of the biggest in the GTA.

The store looks nice and vibrant inside, in a way, a welcoming environment. Very open space and Instagram/photo friendly, as well as being pet friendly.

To play to claw machine, coin tokens are needed to be purchased. They accept American Express, for anyone who uses it to collect points or cash back.

Playing a couple of claw machines were a bit tense since it has a short time limit. Claw machines are notorious for not getting the item. Claw & Kitty is pretty generous with retrieving the item. I had some luck getting a few plush toys, while my brother failed at a few.

Friendly staff and fun playing the claw machines. If you post a lot on social media, it’s also a must as you will have great time.

If you collect enough plush toys, you can trade it for a better plush toy or other prizes.

If you go to Toronto, it is recommended to go to Claw & Kitty, they are located in 3215 Hwy 7 Unit G3 in Markham. It is across from First Markham Place and the store sign is noticeable.

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