A brand new restaurant has opened up in Ottawa. It is called JFUSE Aburi & Bar. Located on 175 Main Street in the Old Ottawa East neighbourhood area.

I was able to attend the soft opening of JFUSE along with friends on a fine Friday night. JFUSE is a high end Japanese restaurant and the second location from J:Unique Kitchen in the downtown core of Ottawa. 

JFUSE features Japanese fusion cuisine and serves up aburi sushi, which is a flame seared sushi. The flame is gently applied to the sushi giving it a different look and flavourful taste.

The sushi I ordered was Omakase Select, which were 6 piece nigiri and oshi sampler. The sushi was amazing and I tasted the charred flavour from the blowtorch, which was interesting. Definitely brought up a different taste to sushi.

Even though I went to the soft opening, it was their first night as the staff and cooks were doing this for the first time. I did not mind the long wait as I wasn’t in a rush. It was fun bringing along friends and enjoying the sushis they ordered.

All I can say that it is worth going to JFUSE as it brings a different take on sushi and other cuisine in the restaurant.

Posted below are videos from Instagram and YouTube.

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