It’s been over a year I have gone to Sharpfle Waffle and quite the change they have. The original location moved further down to the Mechanicsville neighbourhood in Ottawa. It is close to the Hintonburg area. Sharpfle recently opened a second location in the downtown core of Ottawa, in the ByWard Market area.

To those who need a refresher on Sharpfle Waffle, they serve croffles, which is a combination of crossiants and waffles. They have savoury and sweet. Sharpfle also has coffee offerings.

Going to the first and original location, the place is clean and quaint. There are some seating for dining in. Going on a Saturday would also be busy as families would go for brunch or get a treat.

What I ordered was the Waffle Quesadilla. It consisted of beef, corn, cheese and house-made taco spice. The taste was great and the taco spice had a bit of kick to it. I was pleased with the savoury taste of the Waffle Quesadilla.

My friends ordered a Cacio e Pepe, Nutella Banana and Sweet Potato soup w/ waffles. The Cacio e Pepe consisted of melted cheese, black pepper, and pecorino cheese. Nutella Banana had Nutella, banana, chocolate toppings and whipped cream.

Overall, I had a good time at Sharpfle Waffle (first location) and the staff were friendly. I will try out the second location in the ByWard Market whenever I get a chance.

The locations are 173 Hinchey Ave and 111 York St.

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