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Nightwood at Bands Undone, May-Jun & Wednesday’s Radio Show – S05E32

I had the opportunity to check out Nightwood at Bands Undone on Monday, January 18, 2010. It would be the first Bands Undone for 2010 and another unique performance because they were singing their stripped down versions of their songs. The band is from Montreal, Quebec and they have been together for about 10 years. Talk about how time flies by so quickly.

There will be an audio interview with Nightwood coming sometime next month as I am still backlogged from other interviews from November and December. All I will say that it will be a funny and interesting interview when it will be aired.
You can view the photos from the Flickr link.
Video is available at this link and also available on YouTube.
Review from Bands Undone is at this link. Check it out!

May-Jun at Zaphod Beeblebrox

Later that night, I got to check out May-Jun at Zaphod Beeblebrox for the Free Monday Showcase. It wasn’t a busy night but I still wanted to help her out. For the first time, I decided to shoot video instead of taking photos. Usually, I would do both but instead, I wanted to try out the visual motion. There’s one video I shot but it hasn’t been posted yet and it won’t be on my YouTube and Vimeo account. It’s when she got Ben Welland of Sadie Hell on stage to sing backup for her song.
Here’s the videos.
Strike Anywhere (Cover)
Dance Party (embed not on HD, view it at this link, YouTube version also available.)

Wednesday’s Radio Show for January 20, 2010.

I started the show by playing Intervention by Arcade Fire because one of the members wrote an article on The Guardian about the Haiti earthquake. Sad news in Canadian folk music, Kate McGarrigle passed away and I played the Log Driver’s Waltz. It sure brings good memories watching the animated short. I had the opportunity to join with CBC Radio 3 Ottawa listeners and Amanda Putz back in December 2008 for the Martha Wainwright concert. What was memorable was her mother joining her on stage and performed songs with her. It was upon listening to Putz several days later that she mentioned McGarrigle was battling cancer but at the concert, she looked strong and in spirit. It was fantastic to be at the concert in December 2008. Look back season 4’s entry at this link.

Played some of the Canadian musicians and band that will be performing at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I did not know that Joel Plaskett will be on hand for the festivities. I briefly played Eyes On Me by Faye Wong, the theme to Final Fantasy VIII. I did not know that Faye Wong made a slight comeback to sing the theme song to the movie, Confucius. It stars Chow Yun Fat.

I got to air the Cadence Weapon interview which was recorded in November. He was there for a house party and spinning tunes as a DJ.
You can listen to the show by pressing play.

You can listen to the Cadence Weapon or download it.

The playlist is at the CKCU link.