You Say Party! We Say Die! at Sounds Unlikely on Oct. 22, 2009
It was unexpected for me to go to Sounds Unlikely (a local music store) at noon to check out You Say Party! We Say Die! Oh boy, I almost got their name wrong because instead of the “We”, I still say the “You.”
It’s another B.C. band who I haven’t got a chance to see them live previously but I was lucky to see them live in an acoustic environment. It’s different when a band performs at a store as it brings an intimate atmosphere. They sang several songs from their previous and current album, XXXX. There was two song from the current album that I can remember from today, one was Make XXXX and the other was Laura Palmer’s Prom. It’s funny how the second song is pop culture related. Twin Peaks anyone?
The last song they sang was Monster from their previous album, Lose All Time. One cute moment was when the lead singer used someone’s mittens and sang during the set. I forgot the song name but it was funny seeing the singer improvise.I had the opportunity to do an audio interview with the lead singer of YSP!WSD! and it will be on a future broadcast on my radio show at CKCU. Speaking of errors, I found out I will be alternating on Mondays but I will still be on every Mondays but one will be for 30 mins and the following Monday will be 90 mins. I will still deliver interviews from musicians and bands since I got several lined up.
Here are photos I took from the show, click here to view the pictures.

[youtube=] Here is a Youtube clip I took of them doing the song, Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!
Funny they did a funny puppet show.