Said The Whale 050
It couldn’t happen at a bad time when I get a sore throat on my debut regular radio show on CKCU. That’s right, I am now on from 2.30 to 4pm on Mondays. I replace Horses Spilled Milk and Kristal’s Method as I am still saddened that the hosts aren’t around. I made shoutouts to you all, so you better listen. It’s a daunting task to play good songs. Well, to get excited over the debut show, I aired my interview with Said The Whale (photo above from the concert at LiVE Lounge from Thursday night). It’s my first interview to chatting up with a music band and I hope you will like it. I know I will have mistakes doing an interview and hope I can improve later on. I surprised myself with the audio quality because I used the iPod nano. I had a shaky start to the show because of my sore throat but I hope the songs and the interview were good enough.
Press Play or Download It.
You can also listen to the debut show by pressing play.
Apologies for the sound quality of the broadcast. It wasn’t what I expected. You may have to raise the volume up.

If you’re wondering how the music video of Camilo (The Magician) by Said The Whale looks? Here’s the YouTube clip. I mentioned it on the interview how it looks adorable and said on-air that I will post it on my blog.

African Music at Carleton University
It’s Africa Week at Carleton University from October 19th to the 24. This event celebrates the ties that Carleton University and Africa shares for its research and learning. Being an alumni, I still have Carleton pride. I checked out the Carleton Music Department’s West African Rhythm Ensemble. Horses Spilled Milk’s Erica was in the ensemble. I checked it out before my radio show and gave Erica some support. Here’s the video that I took. Enjoy!