It’s been awhile I have not written an entry since the beginning of 2008. All I can say it’s Chinese New Year, Kung Hey Fat Choy! It’s the year of the Rat.
Phew, I had 6 performances on Thursday. I will be sore for Friday.
First performance was at Royal Bank on Wellington Street and it went out pretty well.
Second performance was at Algonquin College at their food court to celebrate Chinese New Year for the international students.
Third performance was at retirement home. It was the first time to try out the smaller lion and using the costumed pants.
Fourth performance was at an elementary school near Carleton University. The children participated in becoming a lion. It was great to see smiles out of the children.
Fifth performance was at the Chinese Community building and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration was on hand for Chinese New Year.
The sixth and final performance (pictured on top) was at Chu Shing Restaurant. It was for the Hong Kong Business Assocation Chinese New Year Banquet.
What a day to have lots of performances.
To finish off the entry, here is the clip from the Chu Shing Restaurant performance.