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Blogger’s Block(?) – S3E3

It has been an uneventful final two weeks of October. Minus the fact that there was excitement on October 26, 2007. Well, I got Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard. All I can say that it’s great and I have enjoyed the new look. Another was going to Saunders Farm with friends and some videos have been posted up on Facebook “exclusively” (for FB users).
For the lack of updates, I must be suffering from (pardon the pun) blogger’s block. I couldn’t think of a way to write an entry after the exciting first two weeks of October. I hope I can make up some ground for November.

I’m still enjoying CBC Radio 3 web radio. Still loving the hosts and Canadian independent music.

It’s this time of year again and it’s become my tradition as I got another toque from Roots for the Winter season. Although, it is a month early but I was too eager to use the Roots gift certificate from Air Miles. A pic of me (using Photo Booth, no duh) will be coming soon as I am still wearing my 2006-2007 toque. The toque will retire when snow drops on the ground.