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Year-end Roundup: Music 2007 [Update on Dec. 28: Links Added]

2007 has been an interesting year for music. Legal downloads from Apple iTunes, Amazon and other retailers continue to dominate the way music is being sold to the consumers. What else was groundbreaking was Apple finally come out with DRM-free songs. The only major record label to sign on to iTunes Plus was EMI.
– Other notable happenings were Kanye West’s Graduation versus 50 Cent’s Curtis on September 11, 2007. Kanye West beat 50 Cent in album sales.
– The horrendous performance by Britney Spears from the 2007 MTV VMAs, ’nuff said on Britney. Not going to explain about her current album.
– Madonna leaving Warner Bros. Music to Live Nation Inc.
Live Earth happened on July 7, 2007.
Feist becoming a surprise in the United States and internationally.
– The Spice Girls reunite and have a comeback concert.

Concerts I attended were Feist in May and Kanye West at Bluesfest in July. Those two concerts were amazing. Feist was one of the benefactors to getting into Canadian independent music. Kanye West was just fun but it happened in the soaking rain.
Near the end of the year, I enjoyed Canadian indie artists concerts like The Acorn and The Russian Futurists. Even though, tickets for big name artists are expensive, I found that going to a smaller venue like Barrymore’s Music Hall felt more worth it. I felt more appreciative to Canadian indie artists.

My Top Songs of 2007 (Links from Wikipedia);

1. Umbrella by Rihanna. I chose Umbrella because it was 10 weeks on the UK singles chart and that I got hooked to the song. Plus, people kept singing “ella ella eh eh eh” where to the point it got annoying and overplayed. I even annoyed Alyson Hau on occasion.

2. Stronger by Kanye West. Even though the song was sampled from Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk. I found the song catchy and smart coming from Kanye West. I also liked the music video which featured Daft Punk and R&B singer, Cassie. Plus, it was filmed in Japan and gave a nod to the anime, Akira.

3. 1234 by Feist. Nuff said on this song because Feist accomplished her popularity. The iPod nano TV ad elevated her status in the United States.

4. No One by Alicia Keys. I know this song is almost a latecomer to 2007. It is still a great song coming from Alicia Keys.

5. All Good Things (Come to an End) by Nelly Furtado. This song meant a lot to me because it felt like things were coming to an end as I finished my academic term at Carleton University. Refer back to previous blog entry.

6. The Way I Are by Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson & D.O.E.). This song caught my attention because at first, Keri Hilson sounded like Jennifer Lopez. The rest is history as this song rose to the top 10 charts around the world.

7. When You’re Gone by Avril Lavigne. This power ballad song grew on me when I was in Toronto in the middle of August. It was played a lot and it was the time when Avril Lavigne went to Hong Kong.

8. Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5. I still like this song because it seemed fresh coming from Maroon 5. It was also big jumper when it debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart.

9. My Moon My Man by Feist. This is my favorite song because it was the first released on The Reminder. The video made it one of my favorites to watch because Feist is dancing through the flat escalators.

10. Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control) by Groove Armada & Mutya. I kept ‘grooving’ to this song from my iPod and that I haven’t listened to a lot of Britpop songs lately.

Favorite Canadian Indie Songs. It’s in no particular order. Since September, I have been enjoying Canadian independent songs from CBC Radio 3. I just hope none of the hosts are reading this as I’ve become fans of them. You know who you are. Hmmm, one being a guest host and the other being based in Ottawa.

1. Around This Town by Grand Analog

2. The Night Starts Here by Stars

3. Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep

4. Listened On by Lightning Dust

5. Melody Day by Caribou

6. Nothing More to Say by The Joel Plaskett Emergency

7. Your English is Good by Tokyo Police Club

8. Sweet Dreams by Pride Tiger

9. What You Want by Hayley Sales

10. Hearts Like Bears by Maybe Smith

11. Give It a Night by Bella

12. If I Live or If I Die by Cuff the Duke

13. Backed Out On The… by Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew

14. Take Me to the Riot by Stars

15. Let’s Get Ready to Crumble by The Russian Futurists