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A New Start… Not Entirely Yet, But a Brand New Season – S3E01

Not a new start in my life yet, but it’s now “season 3” for my wonderful blog.
I had a jam packed week to officially kick off the new season.
From September 10-15, 2007;

Monday – I got a call from a friend and we watched Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix.

Tuesday – I finally went to a radio taping of CBC Radio’s Fuse at CBC Ottawa Broadcast Centre in downtown Ottawa. The host being the returning Amanda Putz, who recently returned from Hong Kong and did a stint for RTHK Radio 3, the English radio station in Hong Kong. I finally get to meet her because she got to hang out with a DJ that I usually talk to. It was an unusual link to who I know. The pic of Amanda and I is on this link, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/1362990675/. The pic is also on Facebook for FB users. Also, a new “look” for me because of the Roots jacket. What a way to start off the new season.
The performers were Andrew Cash and Jenn Grant. It aired this weekend and it was a good edited down broadcast.

Wednesday – It’s the usual, go to the comic store and usually talk about what’s happening in the news, pop culture and sports. One of the debates discussed was Kanye West and 50 Cent’s new album. I won’t get much into it because it will be covered on WildWorks Extra.

Thursday – Went to Avant-Garde Bar and Gift Shop in downtown. It is near Rideau Centre. What was happening? It was an event to celebrate Found Magazine’s 5th issue. Even though I don’t drink, I was interested in eating. What I had was crepés. For some funny reason, I was interested in ordering caviar. The crepés I chose was called Bliny 5, it was crepés with smoked salmon, salmon caviar and sour cream. It was delicious per se. All in all, it was a fun night going to the place.

Friday – I went to another radio taping at CBC. It was FUSE again and the performers were Wendy McNeill and Lori Yates. The crowds were not as packed at Tuesday’s because it was a Friday night. That taping will be airing on the weekend of September 22-23 on CBC Radio 1 & 2.
Here’s the link of the photos via Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157602021662857/

Saturday – Again chilled with my friend, Leo to watch some movies at AMC Theatre at night. We watched Mr. Woodcock and The Bourne Ultimatum. I won’t comment much on the two movies.

Whoa, that was one crazy week to start of season 3.
Last thing, I forgot that “Free Hug Day” was on Sept. 10. It was promoted on Facebook and I wasn’t even sure about “participating”. I did hug a friend on Monday and then hugged another person the day later. I never expect to participate randomly.

Update – September 18, 2007: Added the CBC Radio 3 miniplayer on the blog. Hope you will enjoy the indie Canadian music picks I have.