I’ve overcome the cupcake craziness from Sunday. This week’s radio show had two interviews, one was the Winter Gloves of Montreal and the other with Megan Bonnell of Toronto.
The interview with Bonnell was done a few weeks back and it was more unexpected because I didn’t prepare but the interview went pretty well.
The Winter Gloves interview went well but I did not get a chance to see them live as I had to attend an event called GenYOtt. I was meeting up with various Twitter users in Ottawa.
The summary of the top 10 countdown is on the other page.
Being a supporter of Shad’s music, I was thrilled that there was a remix version of Rose Garden. It’s available at this link. Even though Summer is done, I am still hooked on the song.
In the 2nd hour of the show, I played the local acts who will be playing at Pop Montreal. I did a giveaway and then I had a few guests on the show. It will be a nice experiment to have a discussion type segment for final half-hour of the show.
This weekend, I am off to Pop Montreal and hoping to check out some live music and do some audio interviews.
You can check the playlist at this link.

Without further ado, you can listen to the full radio show by pressing play.
The Music Interviews
Winter Gloves – press play to listen or download it.
Megan Bonnell – press play to listen or download it.