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The First Lion Dance Performance of 2013 – S08E22

Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-2
It’s been several years that my lion dance troupe went to Pembroke for Chinese New Years celebration. A bit of a scary story getting to Pembroke was experiencing a slight white out conditions from the blowing snow. It was like a thriller movie and quite scary going through it. It’s funny how my dad was driving quickly during the brief treacherous conditions, one of my family friends who was driving behind text messaged to slow down and not knowing it was my dad who drove.
I know Chinese New Year doesn’t start until February 10th but the Pembroke community did it a week early. As usual, the crowd enjoyed the performance and there was food.

The newest edition to the troupe’s instruments is a slightly small but brightly looking drum. My thought was that it sounds very hollow but over time, the sound should improve from drumming a lot. There will be getting used to the new sound.
It was great to see some of the lion dance crew and will be seeing more of them in the days to come when Chinese New Year arrives.
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Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-1 Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-3 Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-4
 Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-5 Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-6 Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-8
Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-9 Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-10 Lion Dance Pembroke Feb 2013-11