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Summer Special 2008 #2: Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest

It was an amazing 10 out of the 11 days for enjoying Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest. I ended up with a nice tan and sore legs. My favorite top acts were Feist, Stars, The Most Serene Republic, Jim Bryson, much more. What I missed out were Snoop Dogg, The Wailers, Born Ruffians, and Tokyo Police Club because the reasons were the hot weather and schedule conflicts.
One of my favorite moments at Bluesfest was text messaging my brother to get to Feist’s concert before it started. He was at the Wintersleep concert when I saw the photographers in the stage pit. My brother tells me later that he had to jump over the fence to get to the pit. Afterwards, he tells me he was disappointed with Feist due to low lighting. I talked to a photographer the day later and he was disappointed having to take photos for Feist and also told me another photographer was also angry with the low lighting. Another favorite moment was being backstage for the Plain White T’s and again for Friday night’s lineup for The Love Machine, Jetplanes of Abraham and Metric. Another favorite moment was catching the flowers two times at the Stars concert.
Here are the links of photos from Bluesfest to enjoy. Although, I stopped until Thursday, July 10 because I couldn’t use the camera.
The first two days of Bluesfest, Corb Lund, Feist and a few of Jose Gonzalez
Saturday, July 5 – The Six Shooters Show – Christine Fellows, Justin Rutledge NQ Arbuckle (wasn’t photographed), Luke Doucet, Elliott Brood and The Six Shooters Finale.
Sunday, July 6 – United Steel Workers of Montreal, Jenn Grant, The Acorn and The Weakerthans.
Tuesday, July 8 – Jason Collett, The Most Serene Republic, and Stars
Wednesday, July 9 – Jim Bryson and Kathleen Edwards.
Thursday, July 10 – Plants and Animals and a bit of Sadie Hell.
Also on my Flickr, there are some photos with the artists.
Seeya around.