Ohbijou at Babylon 028
Part 3 – November 7, 2009
After two nights at Mavericks Bar, the third concert I went was at Babylon Nightclub. I went to see Ohbijou with Silver Starling and Giant Hand. Before I write about Ohbijou’s performance, I went to Canteen Art Shop + Gallery for another Bands Undone session and it was none other than Silver Starling. In a way, I got see them two times. Silver Starling is a Montreal indie pop/rock band. I got to say that their music style is similar to Arcade Fire and Young Galaxy. After the session, I did not know that some of the members are closely linked to Arcade Fire and one was formerly with Young Galaxy. Oddly enough that Young Galaxy was in town for a concert. As previously mentioned that there’s so many great concerts in November.

All I can say that it was great to see the two Brian’s at Canteen. I couldn’t have been happy to see people around and have fun chatting.

I had the chance to interview two members of Ohbijou for another future airing on my radio show at CKCU-FM. There were a few goof ups during the interview, which will be edited out. Onto their performance, as usual, the crowd was packed and it was even hot (temperture-wise) during their set. Their encore set was excellent as Howie and Rolf of The Acorn helped out.

Overall, great show but the lightning was tough to shoot and I usually don’t use flash a lot.
You can view the photo by clicking to this link.
Now, I can finally rest up after three days of craziness and taxi riding late in the night.
Here is the video I taped when they sang St.Francis.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWTLLtm1Cps] Part 2 – November 6, 2009
Immaculate Machine 006
The Immaculate Machine concert was the 2nd concert in my 3 days of craziness in November. Friday night at Mavericks was not as packed as the Elliott Brood concert from Thursday night. The crowds weren’t as big and probably there were events in Ottawa happening. There were three other bands on the lineup with Immaculate Machine. First up was The Zolas, from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their style was indie pop/rock music and they were pretty good to start the slow Friday night. Next up was Organ Eyes, a local band. Their style was pretty psychedelic. It sounded pretty experimental. Second last was New Teeth, it’s my third time to see them live. As usual, they rocked the crowd off their knees with the dancing. They were totally rockin’! I know if they lurk on my blog, they’d probably reference what I wrote.

Lastly, it was Immaculate Machine, it’s been over a year since I last saw them live. They were a trio back then and now, they expanded. Their music never disappoints me and I found that their music style hadn’t really changed. Overall, I enjoyed their late set and unfortunately, Kathryn Caulder wasn’t there with the band. It was great to hear the songs from their current album, High on Jackson Hill. I had a chance to interview Brooke Gallupe for a future airing on my radio show. Towards the end, I had to rush and skip some questions because one of the bands was doing sound check.
I took lots of photos and you can click here to view them.

Part 1 – Thursday November 5, 2009
Elliott Brood at Mavericks #28
November is shaping to be a crazy month because lots of great music acts coming to Ottawa. Whether it’s mainstream (i.e. Jay-Z and Metallica) to Canadian indie bands, there’s a lot of variety coming to the Nation’s Capital. I went to Elliott Brood at Mavericks Bar on Thursday night to start the November three night concerts of craziness. The opening act for the Brood was The Deep Dark Woods of Saskatchewan. They started off with a nice alt-country feel and they sure didn’t disappoint to the delight of the crowds. Some were rooting for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the CFL.

Onto Elliott Brood, as usual with them, the crowd was already packed and the energy was just hot for the fans. Elliott Brood must love Ottawa fans because they were rowdy and crazy. There were these tree planter guys and a rarity of sorts was seeing them mosh pit from the small stage of Mavericks. The lighting was good because they brought their own decorations. I know some concert nightclubs or concert halls in Ottawa have crappy lighting. I’ve gotta give props for the Brood for bringing extra lighting. Also, they brought cookie sheets, pans and wooden spoons for the final 4 songs. It was awesome using it and participating along to their songs. It’s always great to say, “hey hey hey” on “Write It All Down For You.” I’m also getting questions and compliments for wearing the CBC Radio 3 Castro hat. Just to clarify that I am not affiliated with CBC Radio 3, I am a fan of them and a continuing supporter of Canadian independent music.

It’s my fourth time to see Elliott Brood and it was great to see a few people who I usually see at concerts. Without you people, I wouldn’t have fun. Prior to their concert. I got a chance to interview Casey and Steve for an audio interview for my radio show on CKCU-FM. I’m deciding whether to air it next week because the length of the interview went to 16 mins.

You can check out the photos by clicking on this link.
Prior to going to see Elliott Brood, I went to Canteen Art Shop + Gallery for Bands Undone. The band I checked out was Meadowlark Five. Worse part was getting there late due to a bomb package threat on Slater St. It’s my second time to see this band but the irony is that I don’t have photos of them when I previously saw them. I can’t remember who they opened up for as well. I took some photos and you click here to view them. There’s a short entry from the Bands Undone site at this link.