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Two Hours Traffic Radio Interview – S05E17

Two Hours Traffic Zaphod Oct 028
Well, it was a decent radio show for a Monday afternoon. Started off with a silly music, money related, nuff said. There was a bit of a mishap or delay playing a few songs. I tried to talk more and more to get people to donate or pledge. Supposedly, I get another reprieve for CKCU’s Funding Drive as I add another show for Wednesday morning. I will be airing the You Say Party! We Say Die! interview instead of next Monday. This will be crazy because I will be going to the Elliott Brood concert on Thursday, Immaculate Machine concert on Friday and Ohbijou concert on Saturday. I will have the opportunity to interview the three bands.
Here’s the November 2nd edition of my radio show.
Press Play to listen.

Also posted separately is the interview with Two Hours Traffic.
Press Play or Download it.

If you’re wondering, here’s the music video for Nighthawks by Two Hours Traffic.