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Two Hours Traffic Radio Interview – S05E17

Two Hours Traffic Zaphod Oct 028
Well, it was a decent radio show for a Monday afternoon. Started off with a silly music, money related, nuff said. There was a bit of a mishap or delay playing a few songs. I tried to talk more and more to get people to donate or pledge. Supposedly, I get another reprieve for CKCU’s Funding Drive as I add another show for Wednesday morning. I will be airing the You Say Party! We Say Die! interview instead of next Monday. This will be crazy because I will be going to the Elliott Brood concert on Thursday, Immaculate Machine concert on Friday and Ohbijou concert on Saturday. I will have the opportunity to interview the three bands.
Here’s the November 2nd edition of my radio show.
Press Play to listen.

Also posted separately is the interview with Two Hours Traffic.
Press Play or Download it.

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A Beach Spiralling While Waiting Two Hours in the Traffic – S05E11

Two Hours Traffic at Zaphod Beeblebrox on October 17, 2009
I know the title for this entry sounds weird and I’m being creative with it whenever I can. I’m trying to combine Spiral Beach and Two Hours Traffic together,
Saturday night was frigid at Zaphod Beeblebrox for the Two Hours Traffic and Spiral Beach with The Danks concert. I had the opportunity to get audio interviews with both bands. I am unsure when I will air it because CKCU will be starting their funding drive. Before the concert started, the place was getting smokey and I don’t know what was going on. It might of been the heater. This was when Spiral Beach was on their sound check. I did not know that this concert was the final show of their Canadian tour. It must be nice to finish the tour in the Nation’s Capital.

When The Danks started their set, the building was starting to warm up from the lack of heat. Overall, they played a rocking set and I totally forgot they are from P.E.I. and members are one-half of Two Hours Traffic. There were some people dancing along to their songs.

After The Danks was Toronto’s Spiral Beach. As usual, they brought the crowd to an energetic start. It was a packed crowd and they sure didn’t disappoint. They played their older and the newer songs like Made of Stone and Domino.
Finally, to Two Hours Traffic, they started off with two popular songs, first with Territory from their new album and the second being Nighthawks. They sure know how to keep the crowds happy because it was totally packed and I couldn’t take a lot of photos during their performance. The last song before their encore was Jezebel, another popular song of theirs. When they did their encore before the 11pm curfew, one of the songs I totally forgot was “Backseat Sweetheart.”

I totally enjoyed their concert because it has been awhile I have gone to Zaphods and seeing the packed crowds is just fun to see.
You can click here to view the photos from the Two Hours Traffic, Spiral Beach and The Danks concert.
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