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An Interview With The Bombadils and a New Blog Contributor – S08E20

With The Bombadils at CKCU_

This week, I give you a new blog contributor as well in making her return to the radio show. Here’s Candice So.

Hi friends, this is Candice So and I co-hosted with Lenny back in November 2011. It’s been a while, but hosting on WildWorks is just as fun as ever! Thanks to Lenny for having me back.

So today was definitely one of those days that makes you either majorly proud – or upset – to be an Ottawan. High of -23 degrees Celsius, dropping with -39 with the windchill, and pretty much everyone blowing up Facebook and Twitter by saying how freaking cold it is.

With the bone-chilling weather in mind, on this edition of the show, we tried to keep things nice and cosy with an interview with The Bombadils, a Celtic folk band based in Montreal. Lenny spoke to the four-piece ensemble and asked them about their Lord of the Rings-inspired name, where they came from and where they’re hoping to go in the future. Then they were kind enough to record an acoustic set for us in CKCU‘s Studio B – give it a listen and see what you think!

Other highlights from the show include the latest offering from Tegan and Sara, a track from The Acorn and a very catchy just-released number from Young Galaxy. The entire playlist can be found here.

This week’s Wild 10 Countdown has Hilotrons at the top spot. The summary can be found here.
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Veggies, The Cold and The Love Machine (Season Finale) – S04E26

The Love Machine on accoustic set
On Sunday, being the last day of May, I got to check out the NCVA’s First Annual Ottawa Veg Fest 2009. Knowing me, I am interested with events dealing with food. Vegetables and organic food has become somewhat of a hot topic issue because of the changing enviroment and pesticides being put in manufactured foods. The event gave me a good and already known perpective to buying organic food. One of the guest speakers I checked out caught my attention to the change in the Earth and how we should change our diets. It was Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow, from Montreal who gave a good but unprepared speech on the changes and causes in Earth’s changing climate in terms of food and growth. She’s also a yoga instructor and an enviromental activist. At least she winged it and got through with the presentation. There were some free samples I took like Cocoa Camino fair trade chocolate, this One Million Acts of Green card which you can plant and Vega drink mix.
What was unfortunate on Sunday was the cold weather. Silly me, I was wearing my new adidas sandals and didn’t bring an extra sweater or jacket because I was about to freeze like crazy. Out of my own silliness, I decided to buy new shoes again, but I got it at Roots, it’s a Converse Jack Purcell (silly Twitpic link) leather shoes. It was on sale as I had been worried about my bro’s Chuck Taylor All Star Converse shoes because there’s a small gap in the left shoe and needs a shoe glue.
After the shoe shopping, I went to Confederation Park for the free outdoor accoustic concert for Skate4Cancer/The Cure Is Knowledge. The event was great because it also brings an awareness to cancer and people who have been close had lost to cancer. From the photo on top, that’s The Love Machine performing an accoustic song. At that time, I was totally freezing because I didn’t wear shoes and not dress warmly. I know that sometime in May and June, it should be warm but due to unsual weather, it was just cold. All in all, The Love Machine were excellent in their acoustic set.
Well, it’s now June and time for a season ending entry to start Summer. I will be putting some Summer special entries with no witty comments.
Seeya until the Fall. I will be on Facebook and Twitter the whole time, so you will catch updates from there during the Summer.