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One-off Special #1 – Spring Entry

Heyhey, it has been awhile that I wrote something. This is a different entry as I try to sum up what has happened in the short Spring season.
Movies – The summer blockbuster movies has happened. So far, I have watched Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. My response to those three movies have not been positively great. I am very disappointed over Spider-Man 3 because I am still a comic fan and watching the 3rd installment was more of an insult to me.
Shrek the Third was alright but the formula is getting old, but it’s more for the kids.
Pirates 3, I was excited because of Chow Yun-Fat. Now, there are mixed responses with this movie.
What’s next? Transformers, Rataouille and maybe Ocean’s 13.
Music – The latest releases from certain artists have been exciting. I am enjoying Feist’s second album, “The Reminder.” The funny thing is that I don’t use CDs to listen to the music, I just get the songs from iTunes Store now. Talk about how technology has shifted.
TV Show – May sweeps is winding down. Lost season finale was excellent. I felt very satisfied because the previous season for Lost got me angry because the castaways felt like they were defeated. I had enough of the Rosie/Elisabeth debacle from The View.
Excitement in Ottawa – It’s great that the Ottawa Senators have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Go Sens Go!