It Was an Enjoyable Thursday – S07E30

Sorry for the delay because plans from Wednesday fell through and it got pushed to Thursday (March 15). The March 14 radio show was posted on my Facebook page. This week’s show was mainly a music show and due to the fact that CKCU-FM had Camp Radio for the kids on March Break. The other part was hanging out for Fundamentally Sound from 12-2pm on Thursdays and the fun part were the live performance from a 13 year old and the kids at Radio Camp hanging out at one point of the show.
I’ve been posting a lot of photos at CKCU as Instagram is still the population destination for social media fanatics and avid photographers like myself. You can view the Instagram photos to click here.

Lastly, it was a great opportunity to interview Hey Ocean! as they were in Ottawa for a show on Thursday. They were originally scheduled to perform back in November but due to the lead singer’s health, they had to cancel. It was nice to see the trio back in fine form. The coolest part was one of the members remembering as it has been over 2 years that I haven’t seen the band. Expect the interview to be aired for March 21 on CKCU-FM.
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