For the month of April, I decided to try out some brunch at restaurants. It’s been a curiosity to try them out due to word of mouth and the other being a small social gathering from friends.

Brunch at Med Supper Club

The first was Med Supper Club in Lansdowne Park as it was recently launched at the restaurant. With Med Supper Club, there were the usual bacon, eggs and salad in a Mediterranean taste of way. Also popular with brunch offerings these days was the bottomless mimosa.

The brunch I picked was the Med Breakfast, it had applewood bacon, eggs, tomatoes and sourdough bread.

Overall, had a good time there as there was live DJ and hanging out with friends was fun enough.

Ratatouille Bistro

The other restaurant serving brunch was a week later and it was Ratatouille Bistro. Located in the ByWard Market in Ottawa. It’s been a lot of word of mouth as it’s serving some excellent brunch and French fusion to mix. Yes, the Pixar movie of the same name comes to mind.

Going inside the bistro, it was bustling with people enjoying whatever they ordered and had a wait to get a table. With the word of mouth popularity, it’s bound to have delays to get table, which can understandable.

With the slight of delay, they gave us a complimentary french toast because a friend reserved a table. It was kind of them to give us the Challah French Toast.

What I ordered was the Rataouille Sammie. It was sandwich with eggs, bacon, cheddar, avocado and onions. Bear in mind, I was eating it differently as I ate in layers and didn’t realize the last part got me burning with the onions and tomato salsa. I did not eat it as a sandwich. Apologies for the unusual way of eating.

Overall, it was a great sandwich and not going to take it negatively on them as I was more foolish eating it differently. Lesson learned.

It’s still a top notch restaurant and it’s locally owned. Definitely will go back again to Rataouille Bistro in downtown Ottawa.
Posted below are photos and videos from Instagram of the two restaurants.

Photos & Video

Reel from Med Supper Club

Polaroid photos 

Reel from Ratatouille Bistro