I have grown fond of museums throughout my age. Prior to going to Hong Kong, I saw several Instagram posts from overseas friends tagging a museum. It is called M+.

M+ is a visual cultural museum. It is located in the West Kowloon Cultural District of Hong Kong. A new area from reclaimed land and it opened in 2016. 

The museum opened on November 2021. It focuses on 20th and 21st century visual culture through the forms of design, moving images and visual arts within Hong Kong culture.

M+ feels a bit similar to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa but it is more modern because the of the collection being exhibited in Hong Kong.

One of the exhibits that piqued my interest was Things, Spaces, Interactions. The entrance adorns the iconic album cover to Anita Mui’s 飛躍舞台 (translation title: Leaping in the Spotlight). The exhibit displayed a lot of design from Asia and beyond. There was a lot of look at with Things, Spaces, Interactions.

Other exhibits I checked out were Hong Kong: Here and Beyond, M+ Sigg Collection: From Revolution to Globalization and Individuals, Networks, Expressions.

One of the unique part of the museum is that faces the island side of Hong Kong. Very scenic and always great to take photo when outside on the top floor of M+ 

Until November 12th , M+ is free of charge but it is recommended to book online to ensure you are able to get in. After November 12th, it will charge visitors to enter the museum. Consider myself lucky for booking online and reserve to enter the museum.

Posted below are photos and taking videos from video cameras were not allowed. I was able to take clips from the iPhone and posted on Instagram Reels. It’s a lot of photos shown below. 

The museum is worth checking if you go to Hong Kong. In November, they will have the Yayoi Kasasuma exhibit until May 2023. That is something I will miss out on.

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