As Hong Kong announced the end of DQH (designated quarantine hotels) on September 26th, I had to endure it back on August 18th for 3 days and then 4 days of medical self-monitoring after leaving the quarantine hotel. With self-monitoring, it will be 3 days.

After leaving the quarantine hotel in Hong Kong, my mom and I went to another hotel for an extended stay. Another hurdle to go through was the LeaveHomeSafe app, where it gives us a QR code colour where you can enter restaurants or not. We started with red QR code which was where you’re suppose to be in further quarantining. Amber QR code was where you can do take out from restaurants but can’t dine in. Blue QR code was where you can dine in at restaurants and enter at certain businesses.

It was quite the bumpy road when arriving Hong Kong in the first week in the age of pandemic.

During the few days of having the Red QR code from the LeaveHomeSafe app, we were able to do take out and shop at places where it wasn’t needed to scan. Quite the risk when having the colour.

It was quite the adventure going to places because one of the Hong Kong Post Office locations had the provisional vaccine pass since the airport goofed up on providing us the amber colour code.

After less than a week being in Hong Kong, the amber QR code changed to blue QR code. A nice relief to finally dine in and enter places in Hong Kong.

You can view the photos below of the places I went in Hong Kong.