Throughout the Summer, CBC Ottawa has been hosting Instameet events to showcase Canada’s 150th birthday and to show Ottawa as a fun and beautiful city.

The three remaining events were in August, they were The TD South Asian Fest (Instameet on August 20th), the preview tour of the Canada Science & Technology Museum (Instameet on August 22nd) and House of Paint (Instameet on August 26th).

It was a great event to attend and also nice to meet up with various Instagrammers and photographers in Ottawa. The Canada Science & Technology Museum will open on November 17th.

From Bangra dancing to the wackiness of the Crazy Kitchen and objects stored at the museum’s warehouse facility, there’s a lot of things to look and discover in Ottawa.

You can check look at the photos below. The most photos taken were at House of Paint. There were graffiti art under the bridge, bboy break dance battles and some live music.

What a way to finish August and Summer. Enjoy the Summer of awesome for 2017!

Photos from the Instameets

The TD South Asian Festival

The Canada Science and Technology Museum Tour


2017 House of Paint
Part 1

House of Paint
Part 2