Impossible Polaris Polaroid

Back from Ottawa and this will be a wrap-up to the 2014 Polaris Music Prize coverage. This is more on the photos, instant photos, to be precise.
From the previous entry, I mentioned that half of the photos were on Flickr, it’s now updated and you can go to the link by clicking HERE.

I also brought along the trusty Polaroid SX-70 camera and several packs of The Impossible Project films to Toronto for the Polaris Music Prize Gala. Worse part was having to carry multiple equipment with a small carry bag. At least, I was able to bring the fun to shooting instant film photos. You will see the colourful frames and wonderful black & white photos taken from the pre and post Polaris Gala as it’s posted below.
I got a chance to try out Impossible’s B&W Film for 600 Hard Color Frames Edition. The colour frames looked great with the black & white instant photos. It’s definitely fun to look at.
You will see some of the familiar faces with the Impossible instant photos.
There’s a few instant that didn’t out well and that’s being posted up.

Short Basia Bulat Interview
It’s been awhile I have done audio interviews and had the opportunity to do a quick chat with Basia Bulat. You can listen to the interview from below. It’s just great to see her at the Gala.

For fashion, I rarely dress up nicely and shoot selfies. It was quite dapper of me to wear the bow tie from Hudson’s Bay.

Other Things
Going off on a different topic or going backwards. Prior to attending the Polaris Music Prize Gala, as I arrived to Toronto, I went straight to CBC Toronto, the Canadian Broadcast Centre for an informal tour of the building. I’m surprised that the CBC social media/digital team have been wanting to meet up for awhile but scheduling and lack of travel, it wasn’t worked. Luckily, with the Polaris Music Prize, I was able to make a schedule to come by to the building. It’s great seeing the radio side again but never got to see the main studios (#40, 41 and 42) from the tenth floor. The last time I went on a tour, it was with CBC Radio 3. I posted several photos on my Instagram if you can look for the CBC related photos.

Lastly, a final shoutout goes out to Be SixFifty Hotel. It’s a boutique hotel located on Bay St. Their decoration is stylish and more like a fashion-chic setting. Checking into my room, it was a small, which was fine as I stayed for one day. I was provided with a bottled water and some nice treats. They were the yummy macarons and candied nuts. The staff were friendly and decided to give one of the staff an instant photo. The price is under $200 if you’re going solo and it’s convenient in the downtown core of Toronto.

That’s the fun adventure I had and time for some rest and relaxation from the sweat and muscle pain. Also quite unusual to post two entries in one day.


The Basia Bulat Interview at Polaris Music Prize Gala
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Impossible – Color Frames
Impossible Polaris Nana and Colton
Nana Aba (Canada Live on CBC Radio 2) and Colton Daniel (The Strombo Show)

Impossible Polaris Basia Bulat
Basia Bulat

Impossible Polaris Lenny With Sign
Myself with the “It’s alright” sign.
I’m also pictured (digital version) over at CBC Music. Click HERE.

Impossible – B&W Photos
Impossible Polaris B&W Black Frame

Impossible Polaris B&W R3ers
With Vish Khanna (formerly at CBC Radio 3), Steph (CBC Radio 3 fan) and Grant Lawrence (host at CBC Radio 3)

Impossible Polaris B&W with Shad
With Shad and Steph

Impossible Polaris B&W Odario and Lana
Odario (of Grand Analog) and Lana Gay

Impossible Polaris B&W Color Frame with Basia Bulat
With Basia Bulat

Some Overexposed Instant Photos
Impossible Polaris Afterparty Dwayne Gretzky
Dwayne Gretzky performing at the afterparty
Impossible Various 1
Shannon Reid, the artist who drew the poster for the 2014 Polaris Music Prize winning album, Animism by Tanya Tagaq.
Impossible Polaris B&W with Ryan
With Ryan of Whatever’s Cool With Me.