Welcome back for another exciting season of WildWorks (season four for radio and series eight on the blog). It’s wonderful to have Lauren return as co-host and there were two interviews on the radio show aired at CKCU-FM.
After a Summer hiatus on the blog, there were a few specials in the form of social media interviews from the likes of Nat & Marie and Pop Champagne. Since the show is back with new materials, it started off with the top 10 and the first music interview to kick off the new season was an Ottawa band called Sons of Pluto. It was originally recorded back in late August because the band was performing for Ottawa Chinatown’s FestivAsia. I had some interest because one of the members is a fan classic Cantopop music.
The second interview was Amos The Transparent. Dan Hay of the band called in to talk about their current album, “Goodnight, My Dear.” Also discussed were the upcoming performances at Pop Montreal and Halifax Pop Explosion.

As for the top 10 songs, Robotic by Hannah Georgas is number one for the second week. The blog entry for the Wild 10 Countdown is back and this week’s post is at this link.
Overall, a great way to start the fourth season for the radio show and always good for Lauren to be excited with the new Canadian tracks being played.
Don’t forget to listen to the radio show and the interview with Sons of Pluto.
Last thing, I will be getting new glasses soon. A new look to say the least.

Audio/Radio Show/Interviews
The September 12th Radio Show – Playlist is at this link.
Press play to listen.
The Sons of Pluto Interview
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