What a way to start 2011 with a brand new interview. I skipped out on writing last week’s show entry as I aired the Rebekah Higgs interview. The one with Rebekah Higgs on the countdown blog [link]. The radio show for January 19th had the interview with Two Door Cinema Club and a takeover segment with Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club. As usual, the new co-host and Erica, formerly of Horses Spilled Milk joined in on the radio show. The photo above is with the members of Two Door Cinema Club.
I had an opportunity to interview two of the members of Two Door Cinema Club when they were in Ottawa last week. It’s considered an important one for me because it’s the first time to interview an international band as I usually interview a lot of Canadian musician and bands. It was good timing to interview Two Door Cinema Club as they are on co-headlining with Tokyo Police Club for the North American tour. Even though, I didn’t get a chance to check them out live, it was still an opportunity to interview this young group from Ireland as they have been getting lots of airplay on BBC Radio 1 and on campus community radio.
There were some questions from joining the Kitsune label to starting up the band and from touring to places like North America, Europe and Hong Kong. Oh yes, I brought the question that people would get them confused as a band from England.

I really have to thank my former co-host, Marzia for informing me on this band as they are popular in her home country of Italy. She told me about them before she went back home in December. The funny thing with post holiday sadness is that I had one last year (2009-2010) with David Tennant leaving Doctor Who and currently (2010-2011), I had an awesome co-host who’s passionate with indie music. It’s going to take awhile to move on. I know it’s a long time, what’s next for the end of 2011 going to 2012?
Onto Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club, it’s the third time to chat with him as I supposedly wanted to get my new co-host to interview him but due to scheduling, it did not happen. In a way, I decided to do a takeover segment, just like the one I did with The Balconies. The takeover segment was more of a look back from 2010 and I had him pick his three songs in that year. It was all in a good fun chat.

OK, without further ado, the playlist and the audio from the radio show and interviews.
The playlist is at this link to check what was played on the radio show.
The Wild 10 Countdown entry is at this link.

Audio – Radio Show & Interviews
The January 19th edition of WildWorks on CKCU-FM
Press play to listen
The Two Door Cinema Club interview – press play to listen or download it (from Soundcloud).
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The Graham Wright Takeover Segment – press play to listen.