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The Wooden Sky Interview and The Radio Show – S05E33

On Sunday January 24, I had the opportunity to check out The Wooden Sky at Bands Undone and did a very silly interview with three of the members. The band was in Ottawa for the Ottawa Folk Festival’s Acoustic Wave series. I did not take any photos for this session as I other things on mind during the weekend. Their set was great as they did performed four songs. Great band and they’re embarking on their tour at this moment.
Video performance is up on Vimeo at this link.
Review including videos from Bands Undone is at this link.

The Radio Show for January 27, 2010

As promised, I played some new Canadian indie tunes and a new segment (including Audio Sensory Resuscitation) counting down the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
I decided to air The Wooden Sky interview this week because of one question as I did not want to make this particular song old if it’s aired at a later month. The interviews from November and December will be aired soon. Prior to airing the interview, I had to rant about another CKCU show because they talked about Hong Kong movies. That show was The Drunken Master Review. It was sort of ranting what I thought about Jackie Chan’s New Police Story.
It was unexpected to get an extra half hour because the incoming host was busy with something.
Here’s the playlist for Audio Sensory Resuscitation – link
Here’s the playlist for my show – link.
Press play to listen to the entire show or you can listen to the audio stream through iTunes.

Another option is listening to my show if you want to know about my rant on Jackie Chan, The Drunken Master Review and the songs I played.

The Wooden Sky interview, press play to listen or download it. You can now stream it through iTunes or any other media players.

As much as I still like You Say Party! We Say Die! They recently released a new video and it’s Dark Days. I played the song on the show and here’s the music video.
It’s been awhile I have played a Rebekah, err, I mean Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees song. The reason that I played it this time because the band released their music video. What’s unique is that the video is shot in HD (high definition). I also miss hearing Ms. Higgs on the radio. Here’s the video for You Don’t Miss Me.

Thursday Update

I didn’t know one of the members of The Most Serene Republic has left the band. A link from NxEW posted on the news that Emma Ditchburn have parted ways with the band.
In a way, I had the opportunity to interview her back in November (2009) and aired on CKCU. If you want check back on the entry, click at this link.