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9.9.09, A New Name Change & Look on the Blog – S05E01 (Season Premiere)

The Beatles Rock Band and SF20: The Art of Street FighterIt’s a 9.9.09 to remember because I bought The Beatles Rock Band for the Nintendo Wii (pictured) and a way to start off the new season on this blog. I am surprised that I am up to 5 seasons and hoping to keep improving on my entries. It has been awhile that I have been playing music video games due to playing Punch-Out!! (a friend is still borrowing it) and the TV room is a mess at the moment thanks to 2 new bookshelves needing to be placed. I got a chance to play The Beatles Rock Band and have to say that it is excellent to hear their songs remastered. I only played 3 songs and I wish I can get friends over to playing it. Luckily, the Guitar Hero instruments are compatible to The Beatles Rock Band game. Although, Beatlemania continues to rock out in the 2000s and finally in digital form.
Also pictured is the Street Fighter book called SF20: The Art of Street Fighter. I didn’t know it was being released at The Comic Book Shoppe and I decided to go for it because they added art from Street Fighter IV and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I still love the Street Fighter series. It brings a nostalgic feeling looking at the artworks from the video game covers to magazines.

New Name and New Look

I decided to change the name to The WildWorks Station because during the Summer, I have been incorporating more music and radio coverage. I got a chance to become a fill-in host at CKCU-FM and it’s become a learning experience to actually host a radio show. Expect to see more on the music front for this blog. It’s great to hang out with radio hosts from Monday and Thursday at CKCU-FM.
With the name change, I felt that Lenny’s World didn’t seem right since I don’t really travel around the world and the title didn’t make sense to what I am writing.
With the new look, I accidentally changed the template by mistake, that was very unexpected as I was supposedly browsing on the templates here.

Various Things to Mention
On Tuesday, I get an awesome email from someone at CBC Radio 2. Right now, they are having a contest called the Great Canadian Song Quest. So far, I haven’t thought a song that represents my area (which is Ottawa). I am thinking of “Emergency Street” by Hilotrons because the song is about Ottawa in not a good way.
I am so tempted to getting an iPod nano because it has a video camera added. It would be nice to take silly videos wherever I go to. iTunes 9 looks great and loving the new interface.
Added photos from a Lion Dance Performance at The National Gallery of Canada, you can click here.
I think the concerts I will be going are CR Avery, Kyrie Kristmanson, Spiral Beach, Two Hours Traffic and Basia Bulat.

Last thing, I think I have to be careful what I write on my blog and on Twitter because my stats was searched on a particular person who I negatively bashed a few months back. Let’s say that I am not liking this person/reporter on the supper hour news. I deleted the Twitter comment, so I will leave it from there. Although, I am getting hits for “Emily Haines.”