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Happy Canada Day (2020 Edition) – S15E09

Happy Canada Day!

There were no events happening in Ottawa and throughout the country because of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

For this year, I decided to jog and walk from Lansdowne Park to downtown Ottawa. People were still out and about on Canada Day but it was not as busy. The weather was pretty hot but not overly humid from the week prior.

Since March, I haven’t been able to take any Polaroid photos and the films are nearing expiration. It was fitting to take some Polaroids on the excursion.

Check the photos from below.

Wong Ka-Kui/Beyond
Onto a different subject.
Every June 30th, Beyond fans will always remember the frontman. It’s the 23rd year since his passing and leaving a mark in Cantopop music.

A radio program I listen to, the DJ would play Mandarin version of Beyond’s hit Cantonese song. Never knew there’s a Mandarin version of 早班火車 (Morning Train). The Mandarin is called 最想念妳 (I Miss You Most). That version is somewhat sadder because it is similar to 喜歡妳 (I Like You). A sad love song.
Here’s the YouTube video of 最想念妳 (I Miss You Most).


Canada Day 2020

Polaroid Photos